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But who says a quitter cannot be a winner

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Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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Life has never been favorable to anyone. It grows by leaps and bounds. The morning hues never guarantee a peaceful evening under the shade of blue sky. A student burns the midnight oil for accomplishing his syllabus on time, but still, he may not score a distinction. However, a tree stands erected even after a disastrous thunderstorm. Nature is improbable. The deeper you get in its essence, more lost you feel.

Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, Cofounder, and CEO of The Walnut School of ideas believe that what I learned? I

have failed. Not once, not twice, always. But the journey teaches a thing or two. This lesson, I have always remembered and continue to follow. His journey has been a roller coaster ride until now. This could be escalated right from his academics, which marked all over red, across the sheets. The pain of losing a high-profile job with an international nonfictional channel could be still felt deep inside him. This time some serious travel injuries tend to have vandalized the room of success. He was back to square one. A loser, maybe? Instead of getting derailed, he stood up and decided to fight back rather than weeping on the mercilessness virtue of time.

Here are five mantras for success which one can learn from the man who set the gold standard in Integrity-

1. Age is not directly proportional to success- He was just eighteen when he made it to one of India’s top Engineering Institutes at Vellore. But he found it difficult to concentrate in studies. And before he realizes anything, his worst fears have materialized. He failed – he flunked! Not one or two, but almost all the exams he took. Some, he never took.

But there is a support, an unsung hero. The bubbly teen for which he had fallen in love, motivated him to write. Her eyes, her smile and the way she genuine took care of him made him capture her in his poetic verses. Metaphor replaced his sleep and love, his day. When his classmates gave their exams, he wrote his first book – ‘I wrote your name in the sky and yours and yours too’

Unlike many campus romances, this wasn't one. It is spiritual, it is a thought process. But it sold. It got published. It took him two odd months to pen down his first book, and things went fine ever since for some time.

2. Life is a training course- Travel Journeys gave him experience and money. He invested in an upcoming feature film titled ‘She’, which was a travel story of a prostitute who meets a photographer and starts traveling. The female lead sees the world through eyes of a photographer. Yes, he was inspired by the storied travel life he had in past and so, and he had planned on investing in the feature film. It was December 2014 when shots got completed. But, things fell out of hands; again. He couldn't find a distributor. Did he fail again?

“Life is a training course. If you fail in one course, go to the next.

Actions are not part of your spirit, your emotions are. If you are able to

control your emotions, your spirit will soar free. You can achieve anything”.

He was granted a National Award in Arts and Culture later for this epic work.

3. Your passion looks no boundaries- Life rebuilt itself. He became the youngest professor at the age of 21. The city was Vijayawada and university was K.L. University. The learning there, also brought in him an entrepreneur. He left K.L. University in Feb 2016 to start his journey with his start-up, The Walnut School of Ideas.

4. Pursuing your dream is full-time commitment and not a part time job- Walnut school of ideas is an online school of transformation that has acquired a niche for itself as a center of advanced learning for transfiguring your innate passion into the pinnacle of professionalism. Perhaps, they have hit the market records by remarkable creativity, passion, and intensity of dedication to make every student reach the ladder of success. Already over 75,000 Students have been trained, and that too in a very short span of time.

5. There's no any shortcut to attaining affluence- Everyone strive for success. Perhaps, it comes to some easily whereas other sweats their blood for it. Had he get trap in the filthiness of ugly times, he wouldn't have decorated his life with such remarkable achievements. Nevertheless, none of his work got proficient in a matter of a few winks. It's true that people applaud of your success, but no one could actually apply the math that how many times you got it.