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Fascinating HR & employee trends of 2018

These trends can help business owners and HR managers in getting a sneak into how to effectively manage employees, what works and what doesn’t work in corporate world today!

Fascinating HR & employee trends of 2018

Monday July 09, 2018,

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Mid-way into the year, there are some interesting, fascinating and eye-opening trends that are coming forward about HR managers and employees. These trends can help business owners and HR managers in getting a sneak into how to effectively manage employees, what works and what doesn’t work in the corporate world today!

Here are some of the most fascinating HR trends of 2018


Popular platform Capterra revealed an interesting trend about how companies are approaching recruitment. Using technology and software solution to help identify the right employee helped 75% of the companies. HR managers revealed it helped with everything from a background check to employee work experience.


Not surprising in any way possible, BambooHR’s study concluded that almost every employee with a poor or unsatisfactory onboarding experience thought negatively about the company. On the other hand, employees who felt welcomed from the very first day were more enthusiastic and positive about their work experience. A good employee self service software orientation goes a long way in making sure the employee is well taken care of!

Data Protection

With plenty of debate about data protection and leaks in 2018, only 10 percent of managers felt that their company was ready and confident about data protection. This included many big companies who store all sort of data from employee’s personal details to client and project documents.

Employee Stress

A worrying trend in the corporate world is the growing concern over employee burnout. Research revealed that in the U.S., over $190 billion health care expense was accumulated due to issues employee faced from work stress. The country also saw over 120,000 deaths due to stress-related issues faced by employees working in different sectors.

Work Culture

In what can be seen as a positive and negative trend, 73 percent women and 53 percent of men employees believed that the confidential information they shared with the manager doesn’t always stay confidential. On a positive note though, an employee with a ‘best work buddy’ in the office was 7 times more engaged in office related activities than someone who did not interact much!

What does this tell HR managers and Business owners?

• Technology is important, use it wisely and the work will be easy, accurate and better.

• Mental happiness is more important than monetary happiness. Take care of your employees!

• Data protection should be a top priority with AI and machine learning coming up.