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Is there anything beyond bad habits: Ten life-Saving mobile apps

When it comes to addictions or bad habits than it automatically lands to the New Year resolutions. It’s already May and it doesn’t make any sense to acknowledge that you’ve already given up atleast one of the resolutions.

Is there anything beyond bad habits: Ten life-Saving mobile apps

Wednesday May 10, 2017,

9 min Read


“Technology is a queer thing. It brings you gifts with one hand and stabs you in the back with the other”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

When it comes to addictions or bad habits than it automatically lands to the New Year resolutions. It’s already May and it doesn’t make any sense to acknowledge that you’ve already given up atleast one of the resolutions. Although it can be considered that creating them is a piece of cake, but if you bite off more than you can chew then it may sound ironic but a smartphone can come to your rescue.

In case you are embedded with the professional commitments, then it sounds arduous to tear yourself away from this almighty. This is although certain that innovative apps, spontaneous email and social media that are just few clicks away can somehow justify you being diverted by the mobile world. But when you are found hooked with your smartphone always, much to the annoyance of your parents and teachers, then it manifests to fight fire with fire. Although it seems counterintuitive to use an app beyond the bad habits, but this is the creativity of appreneur and make their ideas to reality by the mobile application development companies to break the mesmerising ecosystem created by these intuitive apps.

Forest- Stay Focused, be present

Its main motive is to clear all other distractions by planting more and more virtual trees. This is the productivity app for android, iOS, Windows and Chrome. A tiny yet adorable but completely digital tree. It asks to pay attention by leaving the phone aside for a half an hour or the tiny sapling on the screen dies.

It lets you considers like Tomagatchi to focus. It asks to open the app and click the timer in order to start growing the tree so that if you bail in between, then it would croak down. Remaining the entire half hour can be added you tree to the field, which turns into a small orchard and eventually turns to a full-fledged forest.


It applies the logic that if you want to save the real tree, then there are whole lot of great options. But in case you are looking for the virtual tree, then it looks for concentration, patience as well as healthy break from the smartphone addiction which is proved to be quite detrimental to health. 

Quit It Lite- Stop smoking today!

It is considered as a tiny yet motivational program that supports and encourages smokers to discontinue smoking and also help ex-smokers to stay away from smoking. It evaluates on the basis of keeping track on the number of cigarettes you did not smoke and how much money you ended up saving accordingly.

Hence it shows the benefits of quitting and dedicate to create a nice ranking.



It serves with the delineated calculation of money you saved

It shows how much cigarettes you did not consume.

It reminds your own pre-determined goal

It helps to accomplish and even share achievements

It shows the tar that you stayed away from.

It shows benefits of quitting cigarettes.

Checky-Phone Habit Tracker

It simply asks a simple question: how many times do I simply peer my phone?

By simply rendering the deep penetration about the phone checking habit. It’s a bit amusing about how much you are engaged with your phone and enables to compare with friends.


It presents phone utilisation in a brutally simplified manner.

It sends daily notifications of the daily activity.


But it is also prone to some disadvantages that it doesn’t offer bifurcated stats

It lacks social features

Productivity Challenge Timer

With the ultimate motive to enhance the productivity, it is a focussed app that consumes less time. Hence what this apps make the most challenging part for you is to work harder and monitors your work habits. It sets rank accordingly and you will earn/ loss ranks which depends on the performance. It manages to evaluate achievements and even monitor the productivity over time. So you will be ended up how long you have dedicated on a piece of work and tracks during which days of the weeks as well as hours you were most productive. But there are few points to consider before downloading the app.

Since this is an organiser, hence must not expect it to keep tracking of what you were supposed to be doing in this slot of time.

This app is available in English only.

This app will not let you to pause as far as work sessions are concerned or accomplish them early. So if you have a tiny bladder then this app is not fruitful for you.


Freedom is the top-class Internet, social media and app blocker. It blocks website and even apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows computers in order to enhance the product as well as productivity. It blocks according to your likings as per your time and end up being more productive. Whether you use Windows, Mac, iPad or iPhone. It can sync blocks across all other devices. It enables you to sit down peacefully knowing that you are completely free from the distractions. So, you can start your session on the fly and seamlessly sessions can be planned out that recurs on the daily basis. Hence, by utilising this app, it ensures that you will be habituated to bring productivity.

As per freedom users, they gained on average of 2.5 hours as far as productivity is concerned. In case, you want to get started it is free of cost and covers all other devices for less than $2.5 a month.



In order to monitor the progress on your distance based sport activities on your Android platform, then Endomondo is quite helpful. It is an app which is free of cost and is an outdoor sports tracker app that helps to monitor the overall development as far as distance based sport activities are concerned which includes running, walking as biking. It is as efficient to track on the treadmill. It consists of the digital tracker that are dedicated to measure time duration, distance covered as well as speed of every activity. It takes the initiative to assess performance and analyses the training and also monitors progress. It renders a lot of tools that would help you to reach the desired goal.

For further motivation, it he helps you to even workout on Facebook in order to spread the sprit to stay healthy to your friends as well.

Things I didn’t buy

It effectively captures the temptation as it monitors all the things that were not needed and not purchased by the buyer. It follows the following features:

Money not spent just a glance away: On the TIDB start screen total of all the items that you didn’t buy can be seen at a glance. New items can be added with just a few taps right from the start screen.

New items can be added on the go: New items can be created with a few taps. It looks for adding a picture as you go. Similarly items can be possible to edit anywhere at any time. Category can be picked for any item. Even the data can be easily shared on Twitter and Facebook to know what you didn’t buy today.

It records the item which you didn’t buy.

Charts can easily be read in order to keep you up-to-date to monitor the progress.

It allows you to choose beautiful colours by sorting of the items like data, name or price.


It is considered to be a food coach that is capable enough to go way beyond a simple calorie counter. By learning to eat real food, it achieves weight loss and even fitness goals. It acts like a nutritionist in the pocket that advises you how healthy foods are based upon the nutrients as well as ingredients. This is the only app that motivates you to lose weight by showing you the proper way to eat right.

Hence its ultimate motive is change the diet, gets you to eat the real food, monitors the progress and get inspired from the supportive community in the world. Some crux of the app:

Monitor your food and exercise

Look for the quality of calories not the quantity

More than 25000 Unique products are just graded for you(A,B,C or D)

It tracks the food as well as recipes

It enables to get recommendations for healthy foods on the basis of currently you eating.


TimeCamp is the mobile application that enables you to track time spent while performing a particular task. It helps to manage the working time in a better way in order to end up efficiency.

Manages: it offers an options to insert various tasks and properly delineate each one’s on the basis of priority.

Alerts: This programme automatically displays alerts on the mobile screen when a particular task has begun; it generates detailed report when a new task has to be begun and when to accomplish.

Reports: It generates detailed report as per each activity. On the basis of this, the user can understand the precision how long he can withstand a particular work and average can be obtained on the basis of each task.


A routine structure can be created for home cleaning needs. It schedules morning, evening or daily tasks and incorporating the app is great. But the feature which attracts the most is the reminder function which permits this app on the top spot as far as iOS home cleaning apps are concerned. It separates your home as per the zones which means that you never have to worry in order to identify the zones piling of dust.

These are some of the creativity of innovative mobile application development companies and are affordable and efficient enough to keep to you on track as far as you New Year resolution is concerned.


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