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Are Hidden Cameras Necessary In Your Home?

Your home is the safest place for you or your belongings, it's time you should ponder over it again. Maybe at one point in time, in the past, this was true...

Are Hidden Cameras Necessary In Your Home?

Tuesday February 13, 2018,

6 min Read

If you thought that your home is the safest place for you or your belongings, it's time you should ponder over it again. Maybe at one point in time, in the past, this was true. But, today the world and people around it have changed, and security is a must. There is no one you can trust your home with.

Especially, if everyone at home needs to be at work, which is often the case today, you would need someone or something that can keep an eye out for you. You might even have dogs to keep guard of your home. But then the poor speechless creatures too can only do as much as bark and bite intruders who they may not know. You can also contact professional locksmith near your locality to maximize your safety. 


The real peril lies in getting robbed by those we know, rather than outsiders. Who could never even imagine that the ones we keep close to us are the ones out to harm us? We become so helpless that we can't even point out who the culprit is.

Such situations call for the need of a vigilant eye that can catch the culprit in action, even when you are away. 

This watchful eye is none other than hidden spy cameras that are taking the market by storm today. It's no more just offices that are employing these gadgets, but homeowners as well.

Reasons To Use Spy Cameras At Home:

There are numerous reasons why homeowners opt using spy cameras at home

Some of the main reasons are-

Homeowners in the urban setting usually live in nuclear families. Mostly, in such scenarios both the husband and wife have a job to attend to. In this way, the house is left vulnerable or at the mercy of the caregivers or servants.

The risks, in this case, are many. Firstly, the house might get robbed without any of the neighbors know about it. Secondly, if by chance you decide to come home early and an intruder is at home, it might cost you your life.

Another reason to install spy cams in your home is when you have a child, a nanny, and a job. On TV or in newspapers, crimes associated with caregivers or nanny bombard the prime-time hours. When you get exposed to such news, the cultivation of information will subconsciously hurt you and make you go skeptical and terrified.

On the contrary, just imagine someone with round the clock surveillance taking care of the safety and security, fascinating, indeed! Spy Nanny cameras could be your best call. These cameras will ensure that safety of the child and aged parents are always paid heed to.

You also have reason to install spy cameras at home when you start noticing that money or other items are mysteriously missing from your home. Where are all these things vanishing to? You need to find out, and spy cams will help you get there.

The news of robberies, breakouts always fill up spaces on the newspaper and occupy the TV news. This reason also calls for the need of spy cameras both inside and outside the home.

Everyone has a separate need for installing spy cameras at home. But the four points mentioned above are the main prime concerns of homeowners.

Now that we know the reasons for using spy cameras at home let us next see where in your home can they can be fitted into, without intruding into the privacy of others.

Where Can Security Camera Be Installed At Home?

The role of security cameras is to only keep an eye on your home and belongings while you run around doing your work at your workplace. It must not be used to intrude into someone's privacy at home or for other shady purposes. The proper contrast between security issues and ulterior motives must be there at the time of installation of the camera.

Having said so, here is the list of rooms with locations where you can place your spy camera.

Doorway: This room is the entry point into your home. Hence, it a right place to get a spy camera installed on the exterior as well as interior sides of the house. This way you will be able to keep a tab on who comes in and goes out of your home.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms: These are the most private spaces in your homes. Hence, placing a spy camera in these places is considered unethical and sometimes even legally wrong. Unless you suspect there is something fishy going on or till it is an absolute necessity, it is suggested not to place a tricky spy cameras here. Temporary placement of appropriate bathroom spy cameras in areas, not compromising privacy is a welcome endeavor. There are few good sites you should refer that talk about the needs, importance and how to place the camera over Bedrooms and Bathrooms considering the easiest way to do it.

Living room: You might think that the living room would not require a spy camera because there is nothing essential to losing here. But, it's an essential room because this is where all discussions and interactions take place. You can also keep a tab on your maids as well as your nannies, who might be ignoring their duties and watching their favorite shows on television instead.

Kitchen: The kitchen is where you store your goodies, and if there are children at home, it's not possible to keep everything locked. But you surely want to keep a tab on how much your kids eat or whether your maid has been sneakily helping herself to the food instead of feeding the kids. Well, you definitely would not want that so yes a security cam would be useful here, installed on the ceiling from where you can get a bird-eye view.


Whatever your reason would be to place a spy camera at home, you must understand that it must not be of malicious intent. If in any case you are found guilty of doing something wrong out of the recorded footage, the punishment could be harsh. In countries like the United States, it is an offense to record visuals as well as audio if it is done with the purpose to blackmail or hurt someone's reputation.

You must ensure to follow all laws that govern the covert surveillance in your state, otherwise, your rights will be waived off. Hidden cameras are meant for security not malicious intentions. Hence, put this technology to the best use and live a comfortable and safe life.