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Seven powerful traits of an accomplished entrepreneur

What is a good entrepreneur? Is it the one that records a good turnover? An entrepreneur is seen as that person who identifies in his or her environment an opportunity, in order to create value. 

Seven powerful traits of an accomplished entrepreneur

Friday April 21, 2017,

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An entrepreneur is seen as that person who identifies in his or her environment an opportunity, in order to create value. What are the traits of a good entrepreneur? Is it the one that records a good turnover? The question that cannot be answered is whether these traits are innate or acquired over time. However, although an entrepreneur chooses to take advantage of these features may vary, the basic elements are the same for all business owners.

I am sharing the 7 powerful traits of entrepreneurs that will motivate you to become like them.

1. They aim for perfection: Whether one invokes a personality type A, obsessional tendencies or simply perfectionism, entrepreneurs are not satisfied with half measures. After all, they have arrived so far, and they do not want to put their success at risk by skimping on efforts. As managers, entrepreneurs will likely expect their employees to maintain the same levels of quality. A good entrepreneur is the one who succeeds not only in bringing his idea to life, but also in making it evolve if necessary with creativity.

It may be difficult to say why a business owner wants the job to be perfect and, therefore, to be perceived as a "micro-manager". On the other hand, understanding this personality trait of the business owner seeking perfection can help employees learn to work with a boss with ultra-demanding expectations.

2. They are Tough: They are stubborn people, in the good sense of the word. They do not accept the summary justifications of those who give up. They are those who fail a hundred times and start a hundred and one times, as long as they feel they have progressed towards the goal, with each new attempt. Abandoning is simply not for them an option.

3. They have patience: Starting from the idea to creating a business takes time. A good entrepreneur is one who knows how to be patient. It does not necessarily seek the results of its efforts in the immediate future. They are willing to work more than 60 hours per week. The entrepreneur is stimulated by working at and in his company, so that the long hours he will have to consent are not necessarily a disadvantage 

 But remember, lack of sleep can have unfortunate consequences for your business growth. Many business owners rely on taking a sound sleep so that they can give their best. According to the study conducted by Amerisleep.

4. They have vision: At the origin of any ambitious enterprise, a rich vision is necessary. It is she who carries the entrepreneur to her success. He is able to translate it into a winning strategy by methodical reflection and meticulous implementation. Entrepreneurs tend to create businesses in areas that are passionate about them or that they know very well. 

5. They "live" what they do: Entrepreneurs do not dissociate themselves from their brands. They are their marks, and they eat, sleep and "live" this mark 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their passion helps create enthusiasm among the company's employees, as it is much more enjoyable to work for someone who fully embodies a brand than for a business owner who simply shows up for work each day .

Brand awareness and marketing efforts also benefit because people are beginning to identify this passionate person with the brand it represents.

6. They remain calm despite the pressure: This is a quality hardly measurable in a curriculum vitae. Too many people, intellectually brilliant, turn out to be handicapped in real life, unable to surmount the slightest suspicion of adversity. Great entrepreneurs have learned to resist the pressure of the environment. It often makes them sublimate. Then they find the most appropriate answers.

7. They are Social: "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are ." This old saying, well known to us, has changed for the Americans: " We are the addition of our five closest friends ." Breaking his natural loneliness, a successful entrepreneur knows how to surround himself with men and women of high quality. It is often to this that it is acknowledged, even before being presented.

Entrepreneurs are all different, but the majority of them will at least have in common some of the features listed in this list. They are the ones who give birth to progress and make great returns on investment, in the form of economic success. Are they not worth cultivating? 


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