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Thursday September 29, 2016,

3 min Read

Do you see a light? If yes, how big is it?

Do you have an idea? Do you think it has the potential to be converted into an actionable plan? Well, if the answer to both these questions is yes, we are here for you with MASTERPLAN. Masterplan is the flagship annual business plan competition conducted by IIM Ahmedabad which seeks to identify budding entrepreneurs in who are willing to contribute bestow the Indian economy with fresh ideas and latest technological, social, civil, public, sector-specific advancements. 

You’ll never be sure if an idea has the ability to cover different prospects of the budding business opportunities until you execute on it. But there are ways to break down the hard and fast rules, look at the smaller pieces, and have a reasonable educated or estimated guess. The main thing here is to be fast with the whole methodology. And that’s why people do business plans for startups. We, at Masterplan don’t expect a fully formal traditional business plan – at least not until you specifically need that – but at least a lean business plan. An outline which has the clear portrayal of what is in your head, that “could-be” million-dollar thought/idea. It doesn’t have to be the big deal business plan with fancy summaries, highlighted descriptions, painful formatting. Keep it totally lean. Meaning you break the big doubt into smaller, specific independent structures.

Ray Bradbury (either directly or indirectly) created the flip phone. Was that his initial intent? No. Was it even possible to create a flip phone during the late ‘60s? No. Was the idea perceived as a business success? Yes. To believe and think any differently would require dismissing the myriad ideas that people have followed and failed to achieve the level of success as estimated (eg. Webvan), and ideas that sounded absolutely lame and turned into a huge success (eg. Facebook, Google etc). What we are looking for is an idea YOU believe in. To begin with, imagine yourself being a part of the industry your idea is related to. Imagine how you could bring about a change in the same. Keep a check on your hypothesis with every step and see how it works out for your plan! Don’t worry if you think your idea isn’t viable. Even if it has the slightest potential to be DIFFERENT, Masterplan awaits you and your team! Masterplan 2016 provides you a platform to test your weapons in this battle for supremacy of ideas and get face to face with leading venture capitalists, angel investors and industry experts. Endure, adapt, and learn. Be positive and make sure you bring out your creative best.

The competition will have the following five Arenas: Business Startups, Social Startups, Business Ideas, Social Ideas and Cognitive Computing. Winners of Masterplan are awarded mentoring, incubation, funding and cash prizes which is under the umbrella of The Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM Ahmedabad

For further info, please visit http://iima-masterplan.in/