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Advantages of Building a Gaming PC (Aside from Gaming)

Here are a few advantages of building and owning a gaming PC, aside from being able to play all the latest games.

Advantages of Building a Gaming PC (Aside from Gaming)

Monday May 08, 2017,

4 min Read

Modern video games such as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Battlefield 1 have quite demanding system requirements. Because of this, gamers who want to play them on the highest settings need to pay heftily for a good PC. Nonetheless, this kind of device is something that can find its use in many different areas. With this in mind, here are a few advantages of building and owning a gaming PC, aside from being able to play all the latest AAA games.


1. Preparing for VR

According to every single estimation, VR is supposed to be a game-changer in nearly every business niche there is. The ads will become more immersive, games and movies will reach the unimaginable level of realism and VR simulations will become one of the most versatile tools in history. Last year was marked by the launch of two amazing headsets HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which opened a new door of possibilities. Still, in order to create such life-like images, these devices need a PC capable of achieving these incredibly high resolutions.

2. Building a PC is cheaper

Another thing you need to know is that building a PC is much cheaper than purchasing an already made setup. According to some estimates, a PC you can build out of $600 worth of components would cost you about $1000, if you decide on a pre-made option. Sure, the labor has its worth, but 40 percent off is just ridiculous. This is of course unless you decide to get a gaming laptop instead. It isn’t a secret that high-end Lenovo laptops can go toe to toe even with some of the strongest desktop setups out there.

3. Maintenance is easier

Next thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that, while building a PC, you get to learn the way it ticks. By familiarizing yourself with every single part of it, you will get enough confidence to diagnose and fix any errors that may occur in the future. After a while, you will be able to tell in an instant when something is wrong with your GPU, CPU or power supply. Needless to say, this can save you quite a bit of cash as well. Furthermore, when you take your computer to a repair shop, you may wait for days (even weeks) to get it back. Going through all of this trouble for something you can fix in a matter of minutes makes it clear that becoming self-reliant can be completely invaluable.


4. Simple scalability

Finally, a problem that every laptop, console and smartphone user faces is a fact that these devices quickly become outdated. Well, this is not the case with a PC. As we already mentioned, you are assembling it on your own, one part at a time, which means that you can upgrade it at your wish. If you need more space, you can just buy an additional (or bigger) HDD. If you need a stronger GPU, simply replace the existing one. This makes it easier for your budget as well since you can upgrade your device over the course of a few months, instead of having to commit to a hefty one-time investment.


In the end, there is one more thing we need to mention when it comes to building a gaming PC. Building it on your own, reading posts on forums, instructions, user manuals and ordering these parts separately will turn this whole process into a special experience. In a way, it will turn your project into something personal and intimate, something that will make this PC into much more than just a working (or gaming) platform. This is something that you simply cannot put a price tag on.