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6 Tips for Finding the Right Business Math Tutor

6 Tips for Finding the Right Business Math Tutor

Sunday February 19, 2017,

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Does hiring an online math tutor make “cents” for your business? It might, though many businesses never think to bring on this kind of contractor! Depending on your business, needs, goals, departments, and the current knowledge level of your staff, a math tutor can help reduce errors, increase efficiency, and optimize the productivity and happiness of your staff.

Math tutors can benefit a wide variety of businesses, from helping entry-level employees at financial institutions perform better to helping with data analysis for startups, non-profit bookkeeping tasks, and everything else where numbers need to be crunched.

In many cases, employers can’t hire math whizzes to govern every aspect of their number-centric demands. Entry-level jobs are often stepping stones and places of learning. Give your employees the support they need and a boost of confidence by offering online math tutoring.

Ready to bring a math tutor on board? Here are a few must-have items when shopping around:

1. Incredible flexibility. One of the primary reasons you’re looking for an online tutor in the first place is convenience! Make sure the tutoring company you connect with offers options for around the clock support. Maybe your business operates during odd hours, in a time zone that doesn’t mesh with the majority of your clients, or perhaps the employees benefitting from the program simply prefer to indulge in tutoring during their off hours. 24/7 availability is a must.

2. Find a tutor with business experience. While a tutor with a strong background teaching pre-algebra to ninth graders might have a lot of transferrable skills, they’re usually not the best match for a business’ needs. Instead, find a tutoring company that offers a business niche. Tutors in this category are familiar with the corporate environment and have often tutored all types of workers, from entry-level workers to CEOs. Not only do they have the math know-how, they’re familiar with the environment of your business.

3. Check their qualifications. Some of the best tutors are current college students majoring in the subject they tutor. Others have former, formal teaching experience, related certifications, or other perks that make them a fantastic tutor. You should have a clear idea of your tutor’s background, expertise, and any special skills (like experience in your industry).

4. Choose an online environment that’s user-friendly. You’ll have a gut reaction as soon as you land on an online tutoring company’s homepage. Does it seem speedy, easy to navigate, and up to date? Does it look professional, and can you quickly find what you need whether it’s looking at price plans or searching for tutors? Your initial reaction means a lot, especially since the homepage is a reflection of what the tutoring platform will be like.

5. Select a plan that works with your budget. Price plans vary on a myriad of factors depending on the skills of the tutor, how many minutes/hours per week you need tutoring and for how many employees, the subject matter, and so on. However, online tutoring is often much more affordable than in-person tutoring. Pricing should be transparent with no hidden fees. For most businesses, it’s very plausible to fit online tutoring into their budgets.

6. Take them for a trial run. Many online tutoring companies offer a free trial (usually about 30 minutes) so you can test out tutors and find the right match. Remember that it’s not just math skills that are important, but how a tutor meshes with your employees and company culture.

Bringing on a math tutor is just like hiring any other outsourced freelancer or contractor to manage invoicing system for due. Shop around, do your research, and know that if the one you choose isn’t the right fit there are many other possibilities out there. Finding the right tutor takes a little digging, but start by checking out the highest rated online tutoring companies.