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Trending tips to avoid mistakes in residential architects

Trending tips to avoid mistakes in residential architects

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Are you living in a small apartment and dreaming of making the most of the space available? But due to lack of knowledge and tools, residential architects these days fail to do so. This is when you need to expert architects  and look for a comprehensive guide telling about the mistakes to avoid when designing a home.

Often small apartments are preferred by nuclear families who seek a budget-friendly living space that demands less maintenance. In this post, we are going to talk about how you can add space to your smaller looking home without spending any extra money or time and make it look bigger.

Stocking up space

Avoid overpacking your spaces. This is the most common mistake done by designing enthusiasts in the name of decorating their homes and living spaces. We often tend to undermine the potential and skills of professional architects who have been specifically trained to turn every designing aspect into reality. If you are not able to walk around your house without hitting into something, then you seriously need to offload some of the things out of your house to make extra spaces.

Use vibrant colors

Colors of your walls and interiors play an important role in determining its aura and space. The darker shades you use, the smaller it will look and vice versa. Residential architects in Pune suggests that light/vibrant colors like shades of yellow, pink, red make your room appear larger and spacious. In addition, put light floor mats to add more space.

Making space for light

Whenever you go for remodeling your living space, always make sure you have given proper care to add natural light sources in your home. And with this, we mean windows. Try adding the bigger window as you can to give proper visibility to the items placed in the rooms.

Unused Spaces

Most of the times, we fail to utilize the left over spaces like below the stairs, under the table, etc. Using these spaces with some innovative ideas would add up to your living space. Try using floating shelves to stock necessary items and get a de-cluttered look.

Finally, you have got a fair share of ideas about the mistakes to be avoided while revamping a smaller living space. To get the best results, you must hire the professional architects in Pune and get assured of budget, services and final results.