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Diamond Engagement Rings for Women: Choose the Best one!

Engagement is the beginning of a committed relationship between the couples and holds a true significance in one’s life. Thus, diamond engagement rings are quite popular these days, and they are hard to choose the right one. So, here are 7 Cs’ that will help you in making the right choice.

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women: Choose the Best one!

Saturday November 19, 2016,

4 min Read

Look out for a reliable jewellery store to buy an exclusive yet trendy diamond engagement ring online.

Look out for a reliable jewellery store to buy an exclusive yet trendy diamond engagement ring online.

Since historical times, engagements rings have considered as a symbol of eternal love and affection. They are gifted as a proposal of marriage and shared between couples as a bond of union. Slowly and steadily, it became an essential element of marriages that couples start wearing it every day. But, diamond engagement rings for women became popular as the rock of romance that also represents an eternal commitment to each other (just as strong as diamond).

With time, the popularity of diamond engagement rings started increasing and many iconic rings from the past have captured our hearts worn by Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and many more. since then, the top jewellery manufacturers are working diligently to create some awesome, scintillating and exquisite designs that will make your heart skip a beat. The reason behind this is quite simple, it’s not just a ring, it’s the most important love in your life that will be adored for a lifetime and can be passed among generations too.

Well, the variety in the market is too high that makes it quite cumbersome to choose that one perfect engagement ring for your beloved. Even many jewellers are offering an impressive collection of diamond engagement rings online at best prices along with full assurance. So, the question here is how to choose the best diamond ring?

It’s a well-known classic mantra that you must look out for four Cs’ while choosing a diamond, but it’s not correct. Rather you should check for 7Cs’ to completely understand what you are buying and get a value for money ring for your fiancée.

The 7Cs’ of diamonds to look out for are:

• Shape

• Carat Weight

• Color

• Clarity

• Cut

• Certification

• Cost

Shape: There are almost 10 classical diamond shapes like round, heart, square, oval and so on. But, the round shape has proven to be the most popular and most expensive too. It’s because the wastage is more when a rough diamond is cut into a polished one. So, look for the shape that suits your budget too.

Carat: You must have seen that half a carat comes at a cheap price while when you go for one carat its price quadruples. Well, the high carat you go for, the more big and costly it will be.

Clarity: Looking for a flawless diamond with high clarity gradings? Make sure it has no inclusions inside the stone and if it meets this criterion, then go for it without thinking much.

Color: White and colorless diamonds are quite popular. But some colored diamonds are costlier. Also, evaluate that if there are any inclusions in it, they should be small enough that can’t be seen. Because if you go for a perfect diamond then your budget will shoot up.

Cut: Diamonds came into existence billions of years ago through volcanic eruptions to the earth’s surface. They were spread out, founded and cut into desired shapes. As a natural process, they have minerals and other deposits inside that are removed while cutting. But, some of these materials can’t be taken away. Thus, if there are any inclusions, then stay away from buying such a diamond.

Certification: To be assured that you are buying a genuine diamond engagement ring, then get a GIA certification for it from the jeweller. This certification is accepted worldwide and gives an assurance that you are buying a diamond of certain carat weight, clarity or color as described.

Cost: The ring should be a value for money, so look out for a carat weight that’s popular and just below your chosen one to avoid its price jump.

Well, all these basics will help you in choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring that will blow your sweetheart with joy. So, follow these rules properly and start a new and committed relation with a rock of romance – diamond ring.