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The Importance of Medical Tourism to Us

Saturday November 05, 2016,

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Medical tourism is the concept where in people travel to another city or country to get medical treatment. The main reason behind this travelling is that either the treatment is not available in their place or that the treatments will cost them a lot so they find a cheaper place to give them the same facilities in lower rates. Mostly, people around the world travel to the major medical centres in well developed countries to receive good quality treatments. But, in the recent years, we can see a rise in the people from well developed countries, travelling to the third-world countries for medical treatments. This is mostly because the treatments available in such countries are very low in cost.

What are the reasons for the medical tourism?

 Search of better and higher quality of medical treatments that may not be available in the native country.

 To find a cheaper place for the medical procedures of same quality.

 In some countries, certain medical procedures are not legal, such as fertility procedures. So, such people go to different countries to get the procedure done.

Which are the preferred countries that people seek medical treatments from/

• Singapore

• United Kingdom

• Malaysia

• Thailand

• Sri lank

• India

India is also a major medical tourism destination these days. You can see many people flying in from countries such as Canada, America and Europe to get better facilities here.

What are the medicinal departments that are popular in health tourism in India?

• Dentistry

• Fertility

• Psychiatry

• Cancer

• Cosmetic surgery

• Cardiology

Which are the most preferred cities in India for medical tourism?

• Delhi

• Bangalore

• Chennai

• Hyderabad

• Mumbai

• Kolkata

• Manipal

• Pune

Medical tourism in India –

• It is fast growing and becoming world famous. By the year 2020, it is estimated to grow up to $7–8 billion. So, what makes India such a popular destination for medical tourism?

• The treatments given in this country are cost effective.

• There is high end technology usage for the treatments and surgeries.

• The standards of treatments are at par with that seen in the developed countries.

• The overall costs of the treatments are very low. What cost you a thousand in other countries will cost you a hundred in India.

• The hospitality given to the patient and the accompanies is just incredible.

• Along with the treatment, the patients can also do a bit of sightseeing and travel the beautiful and diverse country that is rich in culture and heritage.

Today, India is no longer a mere developing country. The country sees the use of the most modern techniques and equipment in the field of medicine. Thus, it is the most preferred country for medical tourism. People are coming from all over the world for medical tourism to India. This is a good new to India as it is helping the economy of the country too.