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Proactive security for "secure" rides

When people think about security, it's always reactive rather than proactive. We focus on proactively detecting dangerous situations inside vehicles for secure ride.

Monday June 19, 2017,

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A policeman stops a car in the middle of the night and tests the driver's BAC limit to determine whether he/she has been driving drunk. Shouldn't it be the case that if the BAC limit is above the threshold, he/she should not have been driving a vehicle in the first place?

A molested/rape victim has to go to the police station and file a report with the skepticism of her word against the driver's. Shouldn't it be the case that if an unwanted incident is happening in vehicles, it should automatically get recorded and alert the nearby authorities to prevent the incident from happening in the first place?

These are some the questions that have consumed the team at Eyedentify Systems over the last year. We started questioning on why such incidents are still happening in India when technology has advanced so much in the world, where we can even use drones to deliver pizzas and take selfies!

After studying and working in the USA for the last 8-9 years, with a new mission in hand, Dhushyanth, Krishna, Anirudh and Rajashree headed back to India to start a company focused on delivering IoT solutions in the automotive domain. They aim to solve some of the pressing problems related to security in the transportation industry as a start.

With the rise of cab aggregators, anyone with a license and a decent record can register themselves as a driver and start ferrying people from one location to another. People are also more dependent on taxis than ever for commuting due to it's convenience. This has opened up a ton of problems for both passengers and drivers alike due to the lack of corresponding security regulations in India.

After surveying the current market for security focused products in India and realizing none are comprehensive enough, they designed and developed a product which should be installed in all vehicles which proactively detects and monitors dangerous situations and ensures that help is always available when needed.

Please visit www.eyedentifysystems.com to learn more.