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"Toilet" steals the show over "choti Katwa"

This story is about the two sides of the same coin. One side is steps towards making a change for the betterment of our future whereas the otherside creates chaos by needless rumours taking it back to the ground.

"Toilet" steals the show over "choti Katwa"

Thursday August 24, 2017,

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As i lie after a relief from the morning hustle-bustle at home. My nest is free from the chirping of my little master and the "tring-tring phone" the man of the house carries. I take a well deserved sip of my coffee with my lovable company at home my MIL. We were discussing about the powerful release of Akshay kumar's movie "toilet".I stood up to explain that the movie is imparting a message to construct toilets at home for it's members. Especially, for the females at home. Suddenly,my eyes stopped on the headline "Choti Katwa creates chaos in UP as people claim its presence".At first instance, it was very amusing for me. But,I tried to curb my laugh and read the details.

Radical thinking

My mind is occupied with infinite questions. We live in free India but still we are caged in our own homes and retro thoughts.Why is it that,on one hand we are talking about developing our suburbs and on the other hand we are still in the trap of such grapevine communications? On one page of the book of development we read about, Priyanka bharti,a19year old bride,who refused to go back to her in laws until and unless they got a toilet constructed in there home. So,that she is not forced to go in open for natural calls.Hats off to the lady to take a step ahead towards hygiene and safety for the "pink clan". Development is not an overnight erection. It needs bold decisions and afcourse radical thinking

Are we still in the stonage period?

On the other hand, "choti-cutter" is an rumour destroying the society aims and shutting down minds which can bring change. How can we believe in such "tittle-tattle" when, we are in a phase of modern India?A person chops off the "chotis"(braids)of the young and old ladies ,during night hours and cannot be seen.Unbelievably, we are giving an air to such a gossip balloon and not trying to stop it. Some say it's an insect ,some have a belief it's an animal that hides. And above all I was amazed to listen that there is a gang of 300 people who target to collect 1001"chotis" and if they do so,they will be blessed with the power to become invisible. That's an jocular story for one to have faith in. We, in our societies have restricted it with so many boundaries that is has become impossible for an air of change to even enter in it for a second. It is terrible to have such people in our hinterlands.

Change does not takes place overnight

I feel proud when a girl from our very own "gulabi tribe"breaks the traditions and makes a change for the betterment of all. But, at the same time it's disheartening to find ourselves completely jumbled in the web of these reckless stories of blind faith. We have to open our minds and adopt the culture of practical decisions rather than being blind to things that are baseless and create chaos in our society. I know it's not easy to make a difference overnight but it's always the first step that matters and everyone will follow.

Stop spreading rumours to make a change

Let's join hands to get out of the brickfeilds of old thoughts,black magic,rumours,etc. And wide open our eyes for the beautiful ,joyful world with development. Remember, "rumour just ruins" and making changes help us build a strong community. So,help to heal... and not be scandalmongers.