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The advent of insourcing multiplier- The next big leap in technology

Sumit Peer- Founder and CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions 

The advent of insourcing multiplier- The next big leap in technology

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

3 min Read

In-sourcing is something which is not a new term and has been around for quite sometime. It however has been brought into picture in the industry at a very rapid rate in the recent times. A few years ago, outsourcing had been the path to take in order to get things done in the industry. Those days are slowly fading away with the advent of the insoucing concepts and methodologies.

Insourcing multiplication in essence has a simple concept of bringing back the operations and technologies into the premise of the organization itself which earlier were being outsourced in order to nullify the negative effects of outsourcing and further gain advantages which insourcing multiplication provides.

Considering the rate and growth of technology and the pace at which technology is changing, it is becoming increasingly important that skill development and technology inculcation happens in-house so that retention rate is increased and information and data is retained in the organization itself. This has led to the growth of the insourcing multipliers which are on the verge of changing the way which industry works and has been working. It will not be in-accurate to state that the advent of insourcing multipliers and their consequential effect on the entire global industry will be the next big leap in technology. There are several major reasons which hint towards this paradigm change and how it is take the industry to the next level of growth and development.

 Organizations need to keep up with the technological changes: Possibly the simplest and most important of all, the changes in technologies need to be matched by the organizations in order to maintain their standing in the industry. This can be made possible effectively through insourcing multipliers who take charge of providing this technological change in the organizations by making sure that the workforce is upto date with the latest technologies and advances in their domains.

A highly connected system and organization is the need of the hour: Insourcing multipliers have the onus of having a bigger picture and a wider view of the organization and the domain in which it works. Having the complete picture of the operations of the organization makes sure that the organization is provided with a connected system which is highly communicative and information exchange between the different entities takes place effectively and without any hassles. This ensures that the growth is coherent and symbiotic in nature.

To have a beacon and storehouse of knowledge resources of the industry: Above all, insourcing multipliers are to act as the storehouses of knowledge and information resources which make sure that the industrial knowledge which is not bound by laws is available to entire industry and freely along with support.