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Android Q vs iOS13 – Decide Which One’s Better

Android Q vs iOS13 – Decide Which One’s Better

Wednesday August 14, 2019,

5 min Read

Operating systems are an interface between humans and computer systems. In this world full of different operating systems, there are major two competitors. Those are Android and iOS. Users are always confused between which one is the best to accomplish their task for daily use.

Android Q

Android is an operating system used in various smartphones since the evolution of the technology of mobile phones. Android application development has various updates for many years upgrading it consistently. They are providing various features that are attracting users to choose it over other operating systems. Android has come across several updates but recently they have launched a new upgraded version which is Android Q. There are furthermore updates in android which will take place at the end of the year 2019.

Unlike every operating system, Android Q has some key features which are discussed below:

  • Better privacy

Android has always been doubted when it comes down to privacy. In this version of Android Q, there is much better privacy as compared to older versions. It will have a feature to adjust permission regarding location access to files by app only. This would make the security of the data of the users much stronger and better.

  • Smart reply

If you are a Google user then you must be familiar with the feature of smart replies. In this upgraded version of the android, this feature has been added to suggest users reply to their messages.

  • Editing, videos, and pictures

A feature which is been upgraded in all android devices. There will be a better quality of pictures and videos in this version of android. Editing can easily be done by any user to make a short video or to edit pictures. This feature has been upgraded as well it would give better results than other versions.


iOS is an operating system available on smartphones and laptops provided by Apple Inc. They have been one of the biggest sellers in the world of smartphones. It has various features which differentiate it from other operating systems in the market. There has been various up gradation in iOS app development as well. One such up-gradation that is iOS 13 has been launched on the success of its previous operating system. It is much more advanced and a better system to work upon than the previous one. Here are some of the features which would attract its users:

  • Dark mod

The dark mode is a feature that is available in this version of iOS. This has been one of the best features as it would even save much energy as well as it would be easy on the eyes of the users as well.

  • Security

iOs has always been considered a good option for users as it has a robust security system that would help in protecting user's information and data. Similarly, in this version of iOS privacy and security of the data have been improved and it allows permission from the app only.

  • Sign in with apple

This is a new feature in iOS 13. In this feature, anyone would be able to login into an application or any website using their unique Apple ID and password. A better option for user's who do not want to remember thousands of passwords. This feature is built for users who would get benefitted to log in in any application within minutes.

Which one is better?

There have been always been a comparison between Android and iOS. But the one which fulfills the needs and requirements of the users is a better option for them only. Both the system might have similar features like security and dark mode but there are major differences between them which makes one better from another. Android application development India is improving according to user requirement day by day by changing its prototype with time and so is with iOS. That is how these versions have been a better option for the user as compared to previous versions of both the operating systems by app development service.

The end of the comparison

Android and iOS are different operating systems. They both have some similarities in some ways and differences in some way. And the best one depends upon the needs and requirements of the user. If there is a need of high privacy then the user should go for iOS 13 if there is a need for editing and taking a good picture then go for android.

It is based on what users want in the system. In the future there will be furthermore updates in android application development Ahmedabad and iOS, the best one will be which would be able to fulfill the needs of all types of users. If any operating system would be able to do then that will be a choice for all the users.