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Bangalore-based NimbleOrganics.com raises funding round from NRI's

Explore Organic & Natural worlds with www.nimbleorganics.com!

Bangalore-based NimbleOrganics.com raises funding round from NRI's

Thursday October 06, 2016,

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Explore Organic & Natural world's with us!

Explore Organic & Natural world's with us!

NimbleOrganics.com, a multi-branded E-Commerce store for eco-conscious shoppers has raised an undisclosed amount from NRI's abroad. There is an immense interest and faith in NimbleOrganics.com from various Angel Investors and NRI's.

Various investors and individuals with investment capabilities are bullish on NimbleOrganics.com as this is the one of the very few multi-branded E-Commerce companies which sells only Internationally Certified Organic, Natural Personal Care, Herbal - Ayurvedic - Home made Health & Wellness products and also Organic clothing for Men, Women & Kids, Antiques, Home Decors, Toys and many more.

NimbleOrganics.com is the only known website in India so far who sell their own Internationally Certified Organic Foods along with various other products under the categories Natural Personal Care, Herbal - Ayurvedic - Home made Health & Wellness products and also Organic clothing for Men, Women & Kids, Antiques, Home Decors, Toys and many more. 

They are a multi-branded E-Commerce store with more than 10,000 plus products online ranging from Rs 25 to Rs 75000 catering the needs of each and every customer who are health conscious, eco-conscious, pro-nature & go-green. 

NimbleOrganics.com was founded and headed by Raghavendra Sai Akkinapragada and has 10 member team currently. They has strong line-up of products under various well-in-demand categories and sub-categories catering the needs from toddlers to elders and for men & women. 

NimbleOrganics.com has its corporate office in Bangalore, India from where companies operations are carried out. It has its warehouse in Bangalore, India from where Internationally Certified Organic Products are shipped to customer all over the world! They have Import/Export license from Government of India.

"They are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP & Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) certified, which demonstrates the highest level of standards they maintain in their operations in running E-Commerce business and Internationally Certified Organic Foods they ship all over the world."

They are also proud member of All India Food Processors Association (AIFPA) which is the only body in India which has renowned and highly experienced food experts who talk to Government of India regarding any Food regulations and laws and help Government of India in formulating those.

NimbleOrganics.com currently does all of its own and is tied up with more than 15 plus courier companies in India and abroad to ship products of its own and its partners to customers located all over the world. They are highly rated for their customer service and their response times to any of customer queries is under 1 hour.

Online transactions made on NimbleOrganics.com is highly secure with 128-bit encryption with SSL which is the most safest and certified way to make online payments and it guarantees for safety of customers payments.

Our aim is to provide purest Certified Organic and Natural products in Foods, Personal Care, Health & Wellness categories for our customers which are free from any kind of chemicals, artificial additives or anything that is unnatural says Raghavendra Sai.

NimbleOrganics.com has a toll-free number: 18002087337 on which customers or interested parties can call on to discuss their needs to buy or know more about products sold online. Also customers can write at: [email protected] for any kind of information they wish to know.