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Bangalore-based start-up, 99tests launches app testing contest

99tests Bug-a-thon contest pays testers to find bugs 

Monday July 18, 2016,

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We are getting smarter and so are our gadgets and apps. Smartphones of today are more powerful than the PCs that sent the first humans to moon in 1969! Powerful smartphones and gadgets need equally smart apps. Apps that work without glitches and bugs.

Meeting app quality goals to make apps more brilliant is easier said than done. How do you predict your app’s performance out in the open?How do you recreate the myriad conditions that affect your app’s performance in the real world?

That’s the problem that 99tests, a Bangalore based software testing company resolves to solve. Through their crowd testing platform, they enable companies to test their apps out in the open in real world conditions. With crowd sourced testing, it is easy to connect with testers from across the globe and test your app across multiple devices and browsers without making any major investments.

The concept of crowdsourced testing is pretty new in the market. The company recently launched the daily bug bounty contest to help companies learn more about crowd testing. The daily online contest allows the registered apps with the highest votes to get access to valid bugs logged by professional crowd testers for free.

The 99tests Bug-a-thon 2016

The 99tests Bug-a- thon, is a daily online app testing contest that lets companies test their apps for free. The top 10 winning apps of the day are chosen by popular votes by the crowd testing community and the participating members. After getting tested by crowd testers, these winning apps receive access to valid bugs logged by the testers. The top app of the day can access up to 50 valid bugs while the rest of the winners gain access to up to 25 valid bugs. The registration is free and open for all companies.

The contest allows companies to learn more about crowd testing and at the same time opens up opportunities for professional testers to find valid bugs and make money. Professional testers registered for the event can test the latest apps and also interact with other software testing professionals. The prize money for testers is based on the number of valid bugs they find.

The event that was launched last month has generated interest from many start-ups & app developers. Participating companies were able to find difficult software bugs in their application through the contest. The free registration for the event is still open and you can check out this link to learn more the : https://bugathon.99tests.com