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Top 5 social media marketing tips for eCommerce business

Social media marketing gives amazing returns to eCommerce business. The trick is to apply the best practices. The SMM agency and SMM experts know the Dos and Don’ts, but if you are not sure how to use social media marketing, here are top 5 tips you can use to run effective social media marketing campaigns for your eCommerce business.

Top 5 social media marketing tips for eCommerce business

Saturday June 30, 2018,

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Social Media Marketing is one of the renowned digital marketing channels. Almost all business can gain certain benefits from running strategic social media marketing campaigns. The eCommerce business is one of those businesses that can leverage the maximum benefits by running effective and focused social media marketing campaigns. 

The eCommerce business must use professional social media marketing services offered by the SMM agency or an SMM expert. If you are supervising the social media marketing campaigns or want to try your hands on it, here are the top 5 tips to effectively use the full potential of social networking platform by using strategic social media marketing.

1. Focus on Facebook Marketing more

In social media marketing, selection of the right channel is the most important task. Facebook has the largest population compared to all other social networking sites and it has to be your primary focus. Of course, you should be active on other B2C social networking platforms such as Instagram, but your main focus has to be Facebook Marketing. Also, make sure your social business pages are well optimized and active.

2. Be creative, but don’t be over-creative

The social media marketing campaigns for eCommerce sites must be creative. The graphics of the products need to be high quality and the text has to be catchy. Use creative hashtags to attract more audiences. 

However, make sure you understand the thin line between creative and over-creative. The campaign has to be simple enough so the audience can easily understand and digest than running campaigns that go above the head of your audiences or bring some serious problems by offending someone.

3. Be Proactive in your replies

The eCommerce pages have to be lively with the comments, tags, and shares and for each comment, the social media manager has to reply promptly. There can be angry customers leaving negative comments. You need to be fast and empathetic in responses than using the same copy-pasted message which will increase the frustration of the customers. 

The negative user experience also affects the business for a new business along with the repeat and referral business, so be proactive in taking care of unhappy customers. Also, don’t neglect the questions and comments of happy clients. The response time of messages will be reflected on your page so be prompt to attend and respond to personal messages.

4. Run occasional engaging campaigns

The eCommerce business should run some engaging campaigns to attract and engage audiences. It can be discount coupon related contests; puzzles; and more. There are so many possibilities to run great campaigns that bring a lot of interaction for your brand. You should also run giveaway campaigns to attract new customers and new tractions.

5. Use paid ads

The paid ads in social media marketing are very important to grab the attention of a wider audience. Yes, paid ads are expensive, but it gives significant returns. You can use ads for new arrivals, festival bonanza, and similar occasions. Also, you can run paid ads in social media with remarketing campaign. A well designed and executed paid ads will bestow many benefits.

These are the top 5 tips to use social media marketing effectively for your eCommerce business.

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