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Top 5 Startup Ideas to Start from Home in 2020

Top 5 Startup Ideas to Start from Home in 2020

Friday January 10, 2020,

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Are you also tired of doing 9 to 5 jobs? Are you worried about the hectic schedule and the tough deadlines? If the answer is yes, then this blog is definitely for you only. Entrepreneurship and the arena of startups are now the need of the hour. It not only makes you innovative but also lets you think out of the box — your own money, your own risk but no restriction at all.

The government is also emphasizing more on startups and entrepreneurial opportunities. The jobs are less, vacancies are less, but there are millions of graduates graduating every year, but the only handful of them can get absorbed in the market. The startup environment not only provides the budding entrepreneurs to excel in their entrepreneurial business but also gives a platform to hire more employees and widen their business opportunity, thereby creating more product lines.

I am sure this 2020 New Year many of us have made some New Year resolutions. In your bucket list, add on one more decision of opening a startup business with a new innovative ideology fulfilling the consumers’ demand, thereby demarking a golden feather in your cap.

Following are the latest entrepreneurial ideas, commonly saying startup ideas to kick start in 2020:-

1.  E-Commerce

The term E-commerce refers to selling your products/rendering your services via an online platform. It’s a digital market place where you can sell retail services such as banking, pharmacy, grocery etc. or the market place services such as advertising, auctions etc. or online goods and services such as digital distribution, E-books, software or streaming media.

The E-commerce business is guided by government regulations which are to be fulfilled by the owners extensively. The information technology act 2000 governs its applicability on this E-commerce business. You can either sell your manufactured product or can trade on the products. 

2.  Online Coaching or Courses

In today’s dynamic and hectic arena, everyone is busy and has no time to go for a coaching class and attend it. So, here comes an entrepreneurial opportunity and a golden chance to tap it. You can build an online platform for assignment help and can also take up online coaching of various programs such as SSC, UPSC, Bank Exams or at school level such as NTSE etc. These paid online coaching classes and courses programs are very much in demand.

3.  Online Food Outlet

You can start your food junction where you can sell different varieties of cuisines be it Italian, Chinese, continental or Indian or any other cuisine. You can operate and track the orders via the website or create an app.

4.  The logistics company for an E-commerce

For inventory control and management, you can start any warehouse company for any electronic commerce company such as Flipkart or amazon etc. To initiate you can buy a large piece of land to store peoples’ goods and use it as a shipping hub. From there, you can manage your whole logistics management business. It is a large scale business operation.

5.  Delivery company

Here you are opening a startup business to deliver the company’s product to the end customers. Many companies and E-commerce brands are facing the issues of providing goods in rural areas just because of poor infrastructure and transport facilities which are the primary determinant factors of aids to trade.

You can buy the scooters, trucks etc. for transportation of goods to the ultimate consumer at his/her doorstep.

Above are the five best startup ideas. If anyone wishes to start a business, they can go for it. These can also be taken up as a side business as well to earn more money.

Final Words

Entrepreneurship is the future of India, and efforts should be taken to encourage it. The government body has now introduced specific schemes and has taken up ease in doing business which includes loan facilities with fewer interest rates, taxation policy, electricity and water supply facility when the startup is in some backward region. In every stance, the government is supporting the startups and the budding aspirants. It is now our time to think innovative, which is something out of the box.