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The grass is always greener on the other side

Life- In a nutshell

Tuesday July 18, 2017,

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“Ssshh" "Look into your own plate girl”, hissed my Mom when the table on our side just got its food served. Yes, she caught me ogling into the couple’s plate that was sitting just next to our table. I got embarrassed and sheepishly concentrated on the food in my plate. Though I was having my lunch, I couldn’t enjoy its taste now; I was much more interested in knowing what the couple was having. Their food seemed different and tastier than mine. “What could be they possibly having”, “Is it tasty?”, “I too want to have that”, my mind started to think as my taste buds now demanded more. “Why is it that the food in the other’s plate always looks delicious?” Well, out of curiosity, I ordered myself, the same dish but to my surprise, it did not taste as good as it seemed. Something was missing! Maybe it would have tasted better in their plate only! That day my stomach ached as it couldn’t have my lunch. Maybe, I would have enjoyed it better if I concentrated on my own plate.

This made me think the same way about life. Life is like a meal served in your own plate. Everyone decides and chooses what should be served in their plates but most of the times we fail to enjoy our own lives because we get much more fascinated by other’s dishes. This feeling generally comes out of a starving soul which, most of the times fails to trust its decisions. We, then tend to think of alternatives and try to follow what seems good for others, which might soothe our lives. We often forget that what might be good for one may turn out to be worst for the other person. It may not always be true about the grass being greener on the other side because the person standing next to you might see much greenery on your side according to him. And even if it seems much greener on the other side, then instead of hopping on to the side of the person, why not water our own area and enjoy its essence? We can always avoid stepping in others' shoe as the new shoe mostly bites before it becomes comfortable for our feet. So if you too are among the un- sated souls, then let’s try watering our own garden of life with belief, trust, happiness and satisfaction because it’s a proven fact that the greener grass improves your vision.

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