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Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs : Discover your skills!

Women have outperformed in various spheres of life may it be personal or professional.But,sometimes circumstances are such that a woman has to sacrifice her job for other priorities.No need to worry,feel proud of being a woman, discover your hidden talents and get going.Learn and earn from home with these small business ideas.Scale them up and turn out to be a successful woman entrepreneur.

Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs : Discover your skills!

Tuesday November 07, 2017,

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Everyone goes through different phases of life.Talking of women in particular : A daughter,a sister,a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a woman plays different roles during her entire life. Times are changing and a woman also supports her family and adds to the household earnings as a responsible member.

But,at certain points of time a woman needs to sacrifice her job /work to take up another set of responsibilities.Giving an example of one of my friends whom I met recently.She used to be a career oriented girl, got a well paid job,a respectable position in office and was really happy about it.But,she had to leave her job.You know the reason, why? In order to embrace motherhood. 

Becoming a mother is indeed a special feeling. But,foregoing your cherished dreams doesn't seem to be a great idea.Taking a break is perfectly fine but few years later when you look back you may realise the importance of staying in touch with your work.This is not the case of only my friend, but women in general face such situations once they enter the new stages of their life.

Well, if things can be managed in a better way, then why not ? I suggested my friend to start working from home. This way she could carry on her work and look after the baby simultaneously. Isn't that a feasible solution ? rather than completely getting immersed in fulfilling one of her personal duties.

So,I thought of sharing few simple yet practical small business ideas with low investment that can be done from home itself.

6 Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs 

1. Online teaching

Teaching has been one of the common professions that women like to pursue.But,with the changing scenario its new and revised version in the form of online teaching has emerged.You can take virtual or online classes helping students in various courses.This way you will stay in touch with your field of interest that can prove beneficial to you at a later stage.(whenever you wish to return to a full time job).

2. Hobby Classes :

If you have a hidden talent or you enjoy doing a particular set of activity e.g.painting, dancing, music, art and craft, yoga or any other.You can start hobby classes in your locality.This will not only boost your confidence but also help you pursue your own hobbies with freedom.

3. Freelancing :

Freelancing is gaining a lot of traction since the past few years.Some major websites offer contracts to complete client assignments/work based on your qualifications,set of skills and hands on experience. However,it takes some time to establish your brand in the freelancing world.So,groom yourself up and be ready to face new challenges.

4. Blogging

This is one of my favourites.Blogging is turning up from a part time work to a full time profession.You can express your views and share your knowledge amongst general masses through your own website.That's sounds so cool ! But,you need to learn the blogging basics for setting up your own blog.Once you know that, you can monetize it in an optimal manner.Work upon building a community, a network to grow your business.

5. Content writing

Another practical working option that you can pursue sitting at home.These days websites and companies hunt for talented writers for unique content writing.If you have a good command over language and grammar, this may be the one for you.You just need to brush up your reading,speaking and writing habits to grab good contracts.Get hold of some amazing books to improve your English as well as books and take your first steps towards becoming an entrepreneurial rockstar.

6. Consulting Business

SEO consulting,social media consulting or specialised consulting in any area of your expertise is also a good alternative.For this, a desired experience or professional course may be essential depending on the kind of consulting you wish to provide.

Opening a fashion boutique, coaching classes, a beauty parlour , cake making, tiffin services etc. have also been some of the popular work from home choices. The list of businesses mentioned above may not give you huge profits initially.But, the pride and satisfaction that you shall attain after putting in your hard work and seeing even small positive results is just incomparable.

To conclude, a famous quotation that comes to my mind :

"If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The main point to consider is that, if you take the initiative to start your own business/work no matter however small it is initially and you have the zeal to become a successful entrepreneur.You surely can achieve big milestones and reach new heights in your career path.