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TastyNights.in:Gwalior's first late night food delivery service

TastyNights.in is a Late night food delivery startup currently operating in Gwalior,Madhya pradesh.TastyNights is India's first late night food delivery startup operating successfully in a tire-2 city. We are on a mission to create a trusted late night food brand delivering across nation.

Tuesday September 27, 2016,

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TastyNights.in went live on 30th April 2016, with the an objective of becoming a trusted late night food brand delivering during night hours.Today, we're delivering 60+ food items across various categories including Indian,Chinese,NonVeg,MidNight Snacks.

At first we were working on a marketplace-model but we felt that we were lacking in quality of our products because we were depend on sellers who were selling food through our platform.It was very frustrating,while starting up there is nothing more demotivating than the negative feedback from you first few costumers. So after a month we switched from marketplace business model to Inventory Led Model and get all the cooking and logistics in-house.This was the only way to sustain the quality.Because if someone orders from us once they would like to get the same quality again and with outsourcing that’s not an option.

Last week we have completed our first 1000 order's and yes its surely an achievement for us.Currently we are placing around 30 orders per day But our biggest achievement is our satisfied customers and an awesome Avg come back rate of 3 times in a week of our 100+ happy customers.We collects feedback from all our customers via the Website, tele-calling, emails and publish it on social media and website. I'm glad to share that almost of our customers are fully satisfied by our service.

So here's we are building Gwalior's most loved food delivery brand. We cannot do it without you, so keep writing in and we will keep learning.We would love to hear from you.Our Email is [email protected]