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How Digital Marketing Is Going to Redefine Your Business Prospects in the Coming Years

Friday December 16, 2016,

4 min Read

By all means, your business would have embraced digital marketing in some way or the other. Some business will be at its nascent stage in implementing digital techniques, few would be in its maturity phase, while others would have started reaping rich dividends. Whatever be the scenario be, find out how digital marketing is going to determine the success of your business and why it is critical to adopt the new-age digital marketing practices. Explore below

1. Conversion Rate Optimization

Running campaign after campaign across all digital advertising platforms nor owning a website that doesn't attract traffic is a mere waste if the volume of leads generated is very minimal. Then how to ensure success through digital campaigns and convert a website into a traffic hub? That’s where conversion rate optimization comes into the picture. It is the process of increasing visitors to the website, thereby visitors to customers. When it comes to digital campaign, conversion rate optimization implies the process of optimizing the campaigns for better conversion. How to optimize and find out the best performing digital campaign?

It is through A/B split testing. Let's presume that you are running a digital campaign, but unfortunately, your lead generation is not up to the mark. You suspect landing page to be the reason since it is not that attractive. In such cases, you can clone the existing landing page, make some key changes like designing a brand-new call-to-action button and then upload it online. Through A/B split testing, you can decipher the best performing landing page and appropriately make changes in the campaign. In this way, you can observe a surge in the lead generation process too.

2. "Buy" button in social media

Most probably in the coming year, users can get to see buy button in social media. Today, social media has a become an online confluence point for many people. Such is the popularity social media commands off late. With the launch of a buy button, users upon reading a social media post can directly click on the buy button to purchase the product produced by that particular brand. This bypasses the traditional way of visiting e-commerce site to initiate a purchase.

Currently, buy button is been tested across all social media platforms. Though buy button exists in few social media channels, its use is not prevalent because of poor awareness. Even social media channels aren't extensively promoting this button since the number of products listed upon clicking the buy button is very minimal. It is supposedly believed that social media platforms are investing aggressively in building this concept further. Hence, businesses can adopt the wait-and-watch policy simultaneously gearing up to capitalize this trend of digital marketing. To put it in clear terms, an increased digital marketing spend is very much essential for brands eyeing to conquer a major pie of share in the digital space.

3. Emergence of chatbots

Chatbots are considered to be the new evolution in digital marketing technology. Chatbots is a software built with the capability to impersonate human actions. Indeed, it can perform complex actions too. Facebook's latest integration of chatbots is helping brands to execute customer service without involving humans. Chatbots are also called as Messenger bots since some of its prime actions take place in messenger apps. Brands should leverage the latest technology in digital marketing to stay ahead of the curve and to outsmart the peers.

4. Personalized content

Right now, the online world is flooded with massive content. This has made the job of brands targeting a broad set of audience to create a lasting impact with content. And, that's the irony. Though difficult, brands should attempt to personalize the content by categorizing the target audience into tiny niche segments. Only then personalized content will add value. By doing so, you can connect with the prospects very easily, since your content answers their questions and in sync with what they are looking for. However, to realize this objective of crafting personalized content, brands should extensively mine the user metrics so as to avail vital clues on the type of content what your target audience prefer.