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5 common uses of gold

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Gold has been admired in almost all human cultures for as long as civilizations have been able to reverse this precious metal, which is known for many of its qualities. Gold is extremely ductile, conducts electricity, doesn’t stain, blends and alloys well with other metals and can be easily broke down to sheets and wires. Gold has an unparalleled shine and luster even in its most original form. Because of these unique chattels, gold is used in many ways and forms in modern day living. Cited below are the most common 5 uses of this precious metal.

Finances and Investing

Because of its high and standard return value, it has been used as currency for centuries. Even now one of the safe gold investment is to buy gold bars people buy Gold bars and it is considered as a safe asset.It seems like the last few years everything has been aligned to bring gold as the most preferred investment, raising the precious metal steeply into popularity. Now, investors all over the world are swarming to add gold bars to their portfolio.

In an indeterminate economy, gold has surfaced as a possible financial essential. People buy gold bars, gold coins and bullion as a common investment practice.

Dentistry and Medicine:

Gold is considered as the best filling for cavities and crowns, bridges and other orthodontic appliances because the metal is ductile and can easily take shapes. It is also chemically passive and doesn't react easily when missed with other metals. It is also easy to insert and is non-allergic.Dentists have used gold as the best substitute for misplaced/ dislocated teeth for ages.

Electronics and Computers:

Gold is of the top metals when it comes to being good conductors of electricity. It is able to carry electrical charges easily and because of this property, this metal is found in small portions in many electrical devices like mobile phones. Television sets, GPS devices. It is also sometimes found in computers and laptops for transferring data quickly.

Medals and Statues:

Gold is considered as a highly auspicious and precious metal it is used in the making of winning medals for popular world games, championships and awards. Its beauty holds significance and a permanent place in the human eye. Because of its exceptional magnificence, it is also used in the making of religious statues and Idols.

Last but not the least and the most important consumption of gold is in:


As per statistics, about 80% of gold is converted into jewelry. It is the most standard use if gold and is common amongst all cultures. Because of its shine, luster and durable chattels, it is believed to bring prosperity and wealth in most of the cultures especially Asians who convert gold jewelry into Bangles, Gold rings, and necklace for women etc.

This precious metal is considered a treasured jewelry gift in Malaysia, illustrative of prosperity, affluence and success, and is often given during various occasions.