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Compare laptops before buying the right one

Compare laptops before buying the right one

Saturday August 12, 2017,

3 min Read

You want to buy a new laptop or upgrade your existing model, then selecting the right one is indeed a big and a tough decision. A good laptop with robust configuration will last for a longer time and satisfy your requirements well. There are various factors to be considered and compared before buying a laptop like type of processor, amount of RAM, internal storage space (hard disk) and its looks.

Type of Processor : Unless you are looking for a specialised laptop like a gaming laptop or for 3D modeling or animation activities, the type of processor is of not much significance. Core i7 is better than core i5 which in turn is better than core i3. But still if you are going for core i3, it will sufficient for basic purpose or general usage. HP laptop price will significantly increase from Rs 30,000 to Rs 80,000 with the better chipset.

Amount of RAM : Normally most of the laptops come with 4GB RAM which is sufficient for an average user. The laptops having 8GB RAM are quite expensive and are best suited for professional or high intensity usage.

Dimensions : For great portability, the laptop needs to be light in weight so that you can easily carry it everywhere. It should be slim and less than 2kg weight so that it can comfortably fit in the bag.

Budget : Budget is the foremost thing to be considered as it will determine the brand and the features of the laptop. Asus laptop prices and Acer laptop prices can be compared online for ensuring a good deal. With proper research, you can check out various brands available and compare their specifications.

Display/Size of the screen : A large display screen is of no use if it has poor quality display or low resolution. Preferably, the user should go for a higher resolution display even if it small in size. Higher resolution screen will enhance the computing experience of the user and make images and text look sharper and crispier. Ideally, go for a laptop that has 1080 pixels or FullHD resolution for a great visual experience.

Graphics card : If you are going to play heavy games like Asphalt or Battlefield 3, then your laptop must have a good graphic card. But you need not worry about the graphic card in case you just have to watch videos or do web browsing. For gaming and 3D animation, high-end and premium MSI laptops priced around 1 lakh are quite suitable for the consumers.

Keyboard and Touchpad : These two are the most important but underestimated parts of the laptop. For consumers comfort and convenience, the touchpad has to be responsive and easy to use. If you can shell little more money then you can go for the model having glass touchpad.

Battery life : This is very important if you are travelling and want to carry your laptop. For uninterrupted working, go for laptops that offer to claim better battery life. Except Apple, no other company reveals the exact figures. If the company claims 10 hours battery life, then the machine will be providing backup for atleast 7-8 hours which is quite sufficient.

Compare the various brands for best affordable price. For instance, Lenovo laptop price will be chaeper than Samsung. Also when it comes to buying a laptop, don't go by the specification sheet showed by the salesman in the store. Go by what you see. The components like screen, keyboard, touchpad and the laptop body that you can see are more important. Similar priced laptop models will have more or less same hardware specifications.


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