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[Covid Alert] : How Rentals And PG Have Been Impacted By Pandemic

[Covid Alert] : How Rentals And PG Have Been Impacted By Pandemic

Thursday July 30, 2020,

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Today, the world is facing a challenging situation due to the pandemic of  COVID-19. Though there is one more hassle in the industry and that is shifting to a new place and one prefers to buy new bedding and infrastructure for a new home. Shifting of home during pandemic and lockdown is impossible and often end up being in a bad choice of home.

Though when you shift to a new house it is the biggest moment of joy and also a moment of hard work and expenditure. Be it a rented house or your dream home, adequate preparation and planning is required for the shift. And for students when the hostel is full, they wish to move to the PG though it is tough to find one. And in the PG room also we wish to find it worthwhile and provide every amenity. There are numerous tasks from decluttering and unpacking and buying new essentials for the home. 

Rentals and PG - Go To Boriya Bistar

There are so many online entities that provide movers and packers but very few of them provides new essentials. They also act as the home aggregators for the rental homes and PGs at the lower rate. If you find the presence of any such entity then it makes your journey toil free and comfortable. 


New Home New Infrastructure 


When we move to a new home the furniture and bedding also chips in. So, when we move to a new place, new costs are also incurred but due to high pricing and low quality, we often need to compromise. Your wish to have some home settlers for you.Here is the wish come true. Young and dynamic boys from Bangalore bring out a unique concept of Boriya Bistar, they provide a starters kit. Many students from colleges or working try to find PG of their choice but always lack in doing so. Though not many aggregators are present in India but few provide extremely effective home like facilities.

The pain of leaving home is already traumatising and students wish to find a place that makes them feel like home. Also, many people wish for the customisation of the product to suit their needs. If one youngster is from a different part of India, suppose North India and travels to far like Southern India then the basic requirements will change and also lack of knowledge to shop at the right places could lead the curious youngster to pay a higher amount. So, in order to eradicate the pain of paying exorbitant prices and getting poor quality home products like mattress , kitchenware and other home amenities then look for Boriya Bistar Starter Kit - a complete end to end PG and Home Rentals platform.

Boriya Bistar - One stop solution for rentals

Boriya Bistar is operational in Gurgaon & Bangalore and also has been able to generate INR 2.8 crore revenue last year. In total, 20k+ homes have been furnished by the company. Now, they are further bifurcating into the long term rentals.
Watch Out Home Shifters.


Market Segment And Essentials

 The key aspect of the any venture is pricing and there are main four segments in it :

  • Pricing 
  • Performance 
  • Customisation 
  • Transport - It includes logistics and other freight charges


Understand The Nature of Business of PG and Rental In India And How To Scale It 


One thing that always intrigues my mind was to understand product and service. When you are well aware of the sector you wish to choose then you will definitely scale heights in the particular venture. When you plunge into entrepreneurship, it is a challenging journey with the mix of ups and downs. My choice was product sector so it also took me significant number of years to study the product and what I will get in return. I laid a strong foundation and closely analysed all the products. I always had ubiquitous one rule, if you study your product in a in -depth manner then it would be tough to fail. Like I have studied the need of home essentials to both PGs students, youngsters and getting a right place to live and resonate positive vibes , says Rishav, Founder of Boriya Bistar that makes your new house your new home. "



My product and startup was an unique idea, that carries both Boriya Bistar-rug and bedding. It is an old hindi word depicting both living and bedding. In order to sustain, one needs to have both (Boriya and Bistar) are the quintessential factors and when one moves to a new city, one requires bedding and furniture.

 So, our target audience was home shifters who are moving to the new locality or new city. During the lockdown, it is quintessential to have a nice home along with amenities as work from home is also in rage due to the pandemic.


COVID-19 Pandemic Impact - Never Say Die Approach 


Startups run into murky waters and also into the clear ocean sea, but it is always important for any entrepreneur to maintain cool. 

Rishav says "When I started Boriya Bistar, I faced many challenges and today also I am facing the same. The drastic situation of Covid19 has led me to redefine my policies and also it led to redefining my business. For example, during this pandemic, people have become more and more price sensitive and they have also taken a back seat on the purchasing".

It is tough times for us as we are into bedding and basic utility products and the country was facing lockdown due to coronavirus, so this has been a lean period saleswise but we have utilised the time in strategising and diversifying the funds and bringing more brainstorming into the developing budget packages for the single shifters or bachelors and plethora of packages for the customers. 


With this, it is time to wrap up the article along with a healthy and happy note - have never said die spirit. COVID-19 should never dampen our spirits.