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Do you know that your domain could be blacklisted ?

Act before you are hurt

Do you know that your domain could be blacklisted ?

Tuesday November 29, 2016,

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We ran this question to a client and he was completely shocked. Though he was not aware of being blacklisted, his arguments were he is hosted from a reputed hosting provider and he has never run any spam or large email campaigns.

What he was not informed was that possible culprits being hosted in the same IP or connected IP or ISP could be a potential threat bringing down the reputation of the entire websites hosted from that server farm.

Though he was not fully convinced and was slightly hesitant in signing up with a monitoring service though cost of monitoring service was not a factor, we offered him a free trial. As it costs nothing and required only 2 minutes of his time, he agreed and promised to check later.

2 days after this, when we have completely forgotten about the discussion, this friend of ours called back. He was completely shaken. The blacklist check has exposed some threats of grave concern. Though his IP was not infected with any malware or virus, to his shock he found out that his domain IP was full of malwares and spam and had more than 100 instances of threat. Out of 139 Blacklist checks conducted all within couple of minutes, he was marked as threat in 5 lists.

Moreover the network had an alarming level of previous threats and he was facing a possibility of blacklisted completely. Still hesitant with the results shown he ran this check with 2 other monitoring services and every test threw almost similar reports.

He called us for a robust fix on the threats he was sitting. After analysing the logs of the threat we were able to identify the possible culprit(s) who are also sharing the same IP from the hosting provider.

After consulting with their internal IT Team and their web design vendor, it was decided to migrate to a dedicated hosting space but not before writing to the service provider on the analysis. The process went smooth and he was relieved that he was able to mitigate a potential damage to his Online Reputation.

Not only his website now he manages his Database & Cloud Applications also with Monitorlive.


There are 100s of products available in the market but he was happy to choose us because our report was most comprehensive with insights to fix the issues and the analysis was pretty fast.

At the end of the day we signed up a happy customer.

It’s high time we start monitoring the metrics of our website and application beyond availability. Because Online Reputation Matters. We share your need for monitoring your reputation because your reputation is our too. We Care.

Start monitoring your metrics from today. Measure your performance beyond uptime and more with Monitorlive.

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