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Reached 1st Page from 3rd page for HP keyword with one change in content

Reaching first page on Google for the targeted keyword is easy now!

Reached 1st Page from 3rd page for HP keyword with one change in content

Thursday August 17, 2017,

2 min Read

Hi friends, recently I have started the blog Holistic Doctor Online and posted many articles with unique and well-researched content.


I had only 10 backlink score when I reached the first page. It was very hard for me to find why I am not getting ranked. I use to have 2.3% of keywords density for my pages. After researching on competitor pages for the keyword which I wanted to rank.

I just reduced the keyword density by 1% and gave fetch as Google, then I searched for the same keyword again on the Google. The answer which I saw made my mind blow. 

Before reducing I was in the 27th position after the changes, It boosted my page to 24th position. I was really amazed. Then realized, this is what I was looking for. 

I have done this 3 times after seeing the boost in my ranking. 

Note: Over doing (reducing too many keywords) will lead to drop in ranking.

Now I feel very happy and energetic to say that I have reached 1st Page on Google for the keyword How to get rid of dandruff naturally for my blog Holistic Doctor Online.

In India, it's on the first page and in us, it's in the 12th position.

The changes I have done recently to bring my page to the first page.

The total number of words (keywords) which I have removed.

Removed 2 Tags for which I have not ranked yet.

Every one says domain age is very important to reach the first page on Google, according to my case-study content and keywords are the true factors which bring any post to the first page, not the domain age.

If you find this useful comment your results on this post or you can message to my twitter account @HolisticDoctorO