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Favorable Reasons To Buy A Property In Nasik

All about Nasik Property

Thursday October 27, 2016,

3 min Read

Nasik “the city of temples” is a popular “pilgrimage center” in Maharashtra and is rich in its mythology, history and culture. It is around 190 km away from Mumbai and Pune. Nasik is one of the most popular and fast growing cities in the golden triangle in Maharashtra – the other two, Mumbai and Pune. It is also popular for quality vegetables and grapes, and is surrounded by natural beauty. Primarily known as an industrial hub, Nasik is growing into a hub for education too. It boasts good connectivity to Mumbai and Pune. Considering the fast demand, the government is zeroing in on upgrading the civic and social infrastructure of the city. Nasik can be the ideal location you’ve been looking for to buy a property.

Property Prospects In Nasik

Now, there are very few investment opportunities in the real estate sectors in Mumbai and Pune as most of the real estate growth has happened there. And thus, a new city “Nasik” is being eyed upon with great property prospects. Nasik has good connectivity to Mumbai and Pune, and it is located in proximity to them. Nasik is said to be challenging the growth potential of large cities, and therefore, it is luring more investors.

Experts say that the residential property market picked up a pace after 2006, and still continues to grow. From after that time, property in Nasik shows a significant appreciation each year.

Under Construction Property To Buy

There also exists under construction property which the builders offer at lower rates than those of ready-to-move property. Except a few best locations, under construction housing rates range from Rs 3,000- Rs 4,500 per sq ft. In some locations – like College Road, Gangapur – the rates of the property have risen up to 6,000 per sq ft.

When you buy a under construction property, your property is more likely to have an excellent property appreciation, as the time passes from construction to possession. So, if you intend to buy a property in order to invest in the real estate market, Nasik provides you great opportunities.

Famous For Its Agriculture, Natural Beauty And Wine Capital

Nasik is very popular for its agriculture; for the production of quality grapes, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables. It is also popular as the “city of grapes” as well as “the wine capital”.

Alok Chandra of Business Standard describes Nasik as “The Wine Capital of India”, because the city boasts numerous wineries. In addition, Nasik is endowed with captivating natural and architectural beauty. It has mountains and nearly 50 forts. Nasik boasts more than 220 species of birds and more than 400 species of vegetation.

A Booming Place For Real Estate Investment

Nasik has emerged as a booming destination for real estate investment, and that’s because of the increasing demands of property. No doubt that geographically it is one of the most attracting destinations, and a railway track is said to be laid down between Nasik and Pune. This has been announced by the government in this year’s budget.

On the other hand, the economy of Nasik primarily is governed by the industries in and around the city. The city is also a well-established industrial destination, which also opens doors to various career opportunities.


Living in a place surrounded by natural beauty, where you get quality fruits and vegetation, will definitely be an always-to-remember experience. The city houses under construction projects – which can be grabbed at affordable prices, and thus are beneficial for both residential and investment purposes – and well established industries.