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How do I find a new house after moving to a new city?

Arguably the most important thing when moving to a new city, is finding a good house. Ideally, your home search should start before you actually move.

How do I find a new house after moving to a new city?

Friday May 11, 2018,

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Hire trusted packers and movers

Hire trusted packers and movers

Renting a house isn’t easy. It requires due thought and consideration according to your requirement. You would not want to be stuck in an uncomfortable house or with unfriendly neighbors as you begin your experience in a new environment.

To ensure that you don’t end up a renting that you don’t enjoy living in, here are a few tips on choosing apartments or homes that suit your requirements.

Dependability of source

People who have moved before, are likely to be wary of fraudulent brokers and realtors for understandable reasons.

If you are moving for a new job, you can ask your office colleagues or HR for help.

If you are moving in search of a new job, the ideal thing would be to ask a friend or relative to help you find accommodation.

If none of this applies, you can always look at a reliable site like 99acres, Housing, MagicBricks or any similar apartment rental agency.

Research the area

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, decide if the house you’re planning to rent is right for you.

Research the locality, the kind of facilities nearby such as accessibility to public transport, hospitals, an airport, gyms/recreational parks, etc. according to your requirements.

If you’re moving for work/education reasons, make sure you’re not too far from your workplace or college.

If your neighbor is someone grumpy or mischievous and keeps picking fights over tiny things, you’ll end up feeling miserable in your own house. This can easily be avoided if you talk to them before renting the house. You can’t get to know them too well on the first day itself, but you can still grasp if they are warm and friendly or cold and distant.

Availability and dependability of utilities

If you are moving from a place where a 24 x 7 water supply wasn’t a problem, it’s very easy to overlook this. But it’s an important question that you must ask. A 24 hours water supply is still a luxury in many parts of the country.

If you are taking help of a broker for renting a house, ask him about this. Ask your neighbors and the building security about it.

If the water supply is a problem, ask your landlord what arrangements have been made for it. Ask how others in the area manage this problem and work it out before you sign the agreement.

Electricity also is an issue in many parts of India. If you are moving from a place where it isn’t, you’ll be surprised to know how many people use power backups and generators in their homes. This is true even for many areas in major metros.

Ask your landlord about utilities

Painting, repair/replacement of furniture and appliances:

It is a common and despicable practice of landlords to give homes on rent with chipping wall-paint and old/spoilt appliances and furniture. Once you realize this and complain about it, the landlord blames it on you and asks you to pay up for the repairs and repainting.

Avoid this. Check the house thoroughly before signing the agreement. And question the landlord as to whether he will have the house painted and the property repaired before handing the keys over to you.

Rent and security deposit

Find out the standard rates for rent and security deposit in the area and then make a list of the affordable apartments for yourself.

Always ask for a written agreement for the transfer of funds such as your security deposit and rent. Landlords are notorious all around the world for draining their tenants’ money for the most nonsensical reasons.

Also, ask what utilities are included in the rent, and what bills will you have to handle yourself. Most of the time, you are expected to handle your own water, electricity and internet charges.

Personal life in the house

Having your own house, you naturally want to decorate it and have your friends for some time. You’ll be surprised at how many landlords are not okay with this. Especially when it comes to “bachelors” who have the most difficulty finding a place for themselves anywhere.

Ask the landlord about the amount of freedom you can exercise in your house and society with regards to this.

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