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What type of Startup (with or without the hyphen) person are you?

If there is no vision, there is no startup!

What type of Startup (with or without the hyphen) person are you?

Monday February 13, 2017,

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In today’s era, Startup has become one of the most overrated word. Its too mainstream nowadays. Almost every engineer wants to do it because they feel that that’s the only way to become successful in life. Not just that, different people have different definition of this word and are having different openion about it because of lack of experience and knowledge. The more you will use this word in your talk, people will listen you more carefully.

‘Lets do the startup’ has become the new ‘chal daaru peete hain(lets drink alcohol)’. Every weekend they talk about it and majority of them forget what sort of startup plans they discuss after the hangover is over. Its like the DSLR camera, every engineer wants to wear it around the neck, though few of them don’t even know the full-form of MP(megapixels, just in case even any reader does not know). Even they don’t know shit about but they think they may impress their fellow female colleagues if they keep throwing some crazy ideas into their ears.

Type of startup founders:

1. Ego based startup people(calm down and satisfy your ego): The ones are doing it to satisfy their ego. They think that they can compete with Google and will beat Facebook in the coming days. They do not need mentors as they are the perfect (at least they believe so). They feel very proud and think that they will put a bigger dent on universe than Steve Jobs did. They don’t treat fellow startup founders very well.

2. Because it seems cool(calm down and keep it cool): They find it cool when people call them founders. They are full time dreamers, they see dreams in the morning, afternoon, and in the evenings, and if required in their sleep too. They are not really bothered about the outcome. They like to brag about what they are building.

3. Funding hungry(calm down and lure investors): Money, money and money, that’s what they think about. Everything is money for them. They dream about it all the time. They don’t care what they are making because they are not focused on solving problems, but are busy making excel sheets showing revenue for the VCs.

4. And the real ones(calm down and create great things): These ones are not-so-common types. Only a handful of startup founders are able to create something innovative, useful and worthy. Probably that’s the reason why less than 5% startups are successful. They only care about creating great things. They are highly self motivated and ready to put everything they have got into their journey of startup. They know it may take time but eventually one day they will see the sun shine. Not just that a few of them have successfully pulled off many startups.

Take away: Doing a startup is like falling in love. Whenever you see a beautiful girl and you want to be with her. Next day you see a more beautiful one and you forget about the one you saw yesterday. So find a girl you love. Don’t loose your focus. Be loyal and stay loyal.

Image credit: https://entrepreneurshipcompass.com/tag/types-business-incubators/