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Restoring Your Smile After Complete Tooth Loss

Complete tooth loss can be something that many people find devastating, greatly affecting their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Losing all your teeth can make it tricky to eat comfortably and to enjoy a properly balanced diet. 

Restoring Your Smile After Complete Tooth Loss

Friday February 17, 2017,

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Over time a lack of proper nutrition can negatively impact general health. Being without teeth can also lead to people feeling too self-conscious to fully enjoy social occasions anymore. This can even lead to them avoiding eating and socializing with others so they may become isolated and alone.


Why You Don’t Need to Put Up with the Devastating Effects of Complete Tooth Loss

There is no need for complete tooth loss to have this type of devastating impact and if you are facing complete tooth loss, or if you have already lost all your teeth and want to do something positive about it, modern dentistry can help you.

A good dental implant dentist can generally restore all your teeth, so you will enjoy the sensation of having teeth that feel just like your own. If your natural teeth were broken down and badly decayed, then you’ll probably notice a huge improvement. This is due to the fact that dental implants will provide secure and stable replacements that look good and which restore your ability to eat without any pain or discomfort.

With dental implant treatment, there will be no need to feel self-conscious about eating in front of others or socializing, as instead, this should become a pleasure because you know your teeth will look good.

Finding out More about the Options Possible for Restoring Complete Arches of Teeth

Over the past few years, dental implant technology has improved significantly with the introduction of new techniques enabling dentists to restore complete arches of teeth, sometimes even on the same day.

Just imagine, your dental implants can be inserted and a new arch of teeth will be attached on the same day. Sometimes these teeth will be your permanent teeth, but other times they may be a temporary set of teeth that will be used while your implants heal and integrate with your jawbone. Whichever treatment you have, you will not be left without teeth at any time.

You Might Only Need Four Dental Implants

With these newer technologies, it’s frequently possible to secure a complete arch of lower teeth with just four dental implants. If you need to restore an upper arch of teeth, you may need six dental implants to hold your teeth securely in position.

This is significantly fewer dental implants than would have been required in the past. The reduction in the number of dental implants is reflected in the price of treatment as it is very affordable, especially when you consider the huge impact it could have on your quality of life.

Will You Choose Fixed or Removable Teeth?

It’s your choice as to whether you replace your teeth with a fixed bridge of teeth, or if you choose to have a removable denture. With a fixed bridge of teeth, you can virtually forget that you ever lost teeth, as your bridge will stay firmly in place and can only be retrieved by your dentist. With a removable denture, you will still need to take out your denture for regular cleaning.

Am I Suitable for Dental Implants?

Provided you don’t have any major problems with your general health, particularly any issues that may affect your immune system, and provided your dental health is reasonable, you’re more than likely to be able to have dental implant treatment.

A good dental implant dentist will carefully assess your current dental health and be prepared to answer lots of questions about your general health, including any medications currently used. It’s important to make sure that this treatment is the most suitable way to replace your missing teeth and that it will provide you with long-lasting results.

By carefully assessing patients, dental implant dentists can ensure this treatment is highly successful. Generally, success rates are in excess of 95% and many people will find their dental implants last for decades or even for life.

Why You Must Look After Your Dental Implants

Whichever treatment you choose, it’s important to bear in mind that oral hygiene is vital for your implants to remain strong and healthy. Sometimes people overlook the fact that even though dental implants are inserted, they are inserted into the living bone and gum tissue. Unless they are kept clean then this bone and gum tissue can become infected which may lead to the early loss of dental implants.

The good news is that it is easy to look after dental implants. Your dental implant dentist will show you how to clean around your dental implants and regular check-ups and hygiene appointments will keep them strong and healthy.

Why It’s Important to Choose a Good Dental Implant Dentist

Nowadays many general dentists offer dental implant treatment but may have only completed a day or so of training. Dental implants do require a great deal of expertise as they must be meticulously planned and inserted into just the right positions.

A decent dental implant dentist will have additional training in placing dental implants and they should routinely carry out this treatment. It’s worth asking about their experience and training.

It’s also important to make sure they carry out the right diagnostic tests when assessing and planning dental implant treatment. This should include a cone beam CT scan that produces detailed 3-D images of your jawbone and which allows your dental implant dentist to carefully plan the optimal position for each dental implant.

Ideally, they should use computer guided imaging to insert the dental implants, where a surgical stent or guide is produced using your CT scan and which will be used during your implant surgery.

Also, ask your dentist which type of dental implants they use as there are just a few major manufacturers that produce top-quality medical grade implant components. These companies are well known and have invested heavily into extensive dental research over the years, ensuring their dental implant components are of the highest quality.

There is another advantage in choosing dental implants from one of these top companies, as if you ever need any implant components replacing, you can almost certainly find a dentist anywhere in the world who will be willing to carry out this work.

With increasing numbers of people traveling or relocating, this can be an important consideration. By choosing a good dental implant dentist who will plan your treatment properly, you can make sure that you only need to have dental implants just the once in your lifetime. Afterward, you can simply enjoy the pleasure of having a fully restored smile.