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Best Practices for B2B Social Media Marketing in 2020

Best Practices for B2B Social Media Marketing in 2020

Thursday October 15, 2020,

4 min Read

Social media for b2b brands is tough. This is because any brand that is directly in touch with the consumers has more creative ideas to interact on social media whereas for B2B brands its trickier to find ways. B2B companies fall flat on their social media accounts and if you get to see their feed, it’s nothing more than a dry a paint.

So, how can you save your brand from falling in the same trap? Have a look at some of the hacks here:

1.     Humanize your brand

Take some lessons from B2C companies and try to bring a human perspective in your posts. Little bit of humor is always welcomed, so create out of the box funny posts and share with the followers. Keeps the interaction going on through comments, likes and status updates. Use the words like ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’ in your posts to make yourself sound like a human. Nobody likes boring corporates posts that just brag about your work, try to make them connect with the audience.

2.    Do not restrict only till Linkedin

It is stated that maximum B2B social media marketing is on Linkedin. But, this is not the way to a successful marketing strategy. Companies need to focus on other platforms too. The main motive of the companies should not be selling their products or services but marketing and branding themselves. People on social media are not your direct audience. They are there to entertain themselves, therefore, it is required to create entertaining videos, ads that might strike a conversation.

3.     Hire a social media manager

B2B corporations need to take their social media marketing seriously in the first place. The company needs an experienced social media management team led by a well versed manager. The person should not only be knowledgeable about your business tactics but should know the informational and in-depth details about social media and how it works.

4.     Take use of user generated content

Users are your audience or people on social media who follow your account. Make use of the their content by sponsoring some online campaigns where they can take part using a certain hashtag. This will increase your reach and followers. People who would like to use your products and services might also contact with you.

5.     Social Selling

Social selling is done to add prospects to your sales funnel. People today do not fall for any product or service just by seeing your ad or approach. They Google reviews, take feedback, once they are convinced then they reach out to you for help. Your social selling should be appropriate, positive and more focused towards solving problems and not about bragging your own products or services. Social selling is also important because it makes your brand standout. Many B2B companies believe in cold calling and generating leads, social selling is not their choice, so to sideline the competition it can be your way out.

6.     Employee advocacy

First please your employees and win their trust so that they willingly share the company generated content on their personal profile. If they are hesitating then it means you are not able to convince them. Employee advocacy adds more value to your product or services as the audience start believing that your product is genuinely reliable. Be it blogs, articles, infographics etc. keep those open to be shared by your employees among their friend circle.

In the end…

These are only a few practices, there is a lot more you can do such as, make a habit to write done the strategy you work upon. It makes it a lot simpler to assign and work upon. Also, decide your goals and what do you want to measure thorough this marketing strategy. Keeping a plan in hand is the key to quick and meaningful results.