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Self Confidence- An Important Key to Success

Self Confidence- An Important Key to Success

Thursday November 16, 2017,

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Self-confidence is a combination of a state of mind and a strong feeling of self-belief which is commonly used when one needs self-assurance especially in one's personal judgment,power, ability etc. It is that voice which comes from your inside and gives you a boost to do something which fears you. In today's epoch, there is no place for those who lack self-confidence because there is no shortage of competition now. Infinite number of people possess it. And, a great many people are achieving their goals using confidence as a ladder.For students, confidence plays a key aspect of their school life. Higher the self-confidence, more the chances of success.


Anyone who has inculcated this ability enjoys various perks. One of them is that the magnitude of the difficulty of a tough job decreases. It keeps you going when you face failure in your life. It helps you to focus on the areas which laid you down. It gives a spark to your mind to improve and excel in the next try. If you are deficient in this much-needed ability then, there are chances that you would be dominated by pessimism. The absence of confidence can be the reason for your sorrow and dissatisfaction. Simple chores of daily life seem to be challenging when you lack confidence.

Building confidence-

Self-confidence is the pre-requisite to success and happiness. For many, it would be a challenging thing to be confident all the time.

If you too fall in the same category, then, you must learn the techniques of developing self-confidence by following the below-explained ways-

Work out-

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which gives your mind a feeling of happiness. Furthermore, you are in the direction of gaining a healthy as well as a fit body which would automatically give a boost to your self-confidence level.

Modify your wardrobe-

It may sound absurd to you at the beginning but it makes a difference. Your attires can change the way you look and feel about yourself. Wearing the clothes according to the latest fashion gives a sense of confidence to a person. The chances of having inferiority complex become fair. So, go shopping and spend some pennies. It is worth for regaining your self-confidence.

Avoid Overconfidence-

Excess of everything is bad. Surplus amount of confidence is also not beneficial. Over-confidence has become the reason behind the failure of many. People who are experiencing it overlook the other side of the coin and tend to embrace themselves every now and then which at some point in time proves harmful. Hence, they end up with defeat.

Practice power poses-

Combination of the three P’ is just magical. You can vanish all your stress and anxiety by learning and practicing the power poses. Practicing a power pose is an instant solution to this. When you practice the poses, your mind releases such hormones which uplift the level of self-assurance. Ask your teacher to take a session on “power poses” in a classroom and explain in detail what practicing power poses can actually do to your mind.

Go Get a Goal-

A person lacks confidence when he/she is in a doubtful situation and that state of mind is natural during that phase. And the most prominent problem which the youth face today is the absence of a goal. They do not know what they are passionate about and what they want to achieve in life. The picture is blurred and hence they are confidence deficient.

Setting a goal and working towards it gives a sense of satisfaction in life. So, just begin the process of introspection and get rid of this problem.


Meditation introduces you to your soul. It takes you to another world and familiarizes you with the truth of life. Meditation holds the power of taking a person to peace and give him/her a stable state of mind. If you are in harmony then, there is no question of absence of self-confidence. All the negative vibes of the outside world cannot affect you when you reach that level in the process of meditation.

Become a helping hand-

You must have experienced this many times that when you help someone in any way it gives you a feeling of contentment and you tend to experience the presence of positive energy in the environment. And, moreover, you see yourself as a better person. Not only this, you begin the chain of assisting others and that feeling is sufficient to have an amplification in your self-confidence.

These were the most powerful and easy tips and tricks through which you can transform your life by escalating towards self-confidence.