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Web solutions: Build your presence on Google

Web solutions: Build your presence on Google

Saturday April 01, 2017,

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Google began its career as a social media platform in the summer of 2011, and at that very beginning a lot of people were pretty skeptical about its ability to build a long term and engaged audience. Back then in 2011 Twitter and Facebook were definitely dominating the landscape and the Pinterest’s popularity was growing very fast. But the following facts say that you cannot ignore the importance of Google+ today.

According to ICM Consulting reviews, Google+ today has over 359 million active users and in fact over a billion of registered users. Statistics say that those numbers only grow every day, especially if you think about the Google+’s impact on search. Since it is actually Google’s product, you have to understand that posting relevant content regularly on Google+ can definitely improve your SE rankings, and particularly as an individual author.

The potential for success on Google+ is just great in present times, but building a following as a business or an individual can be pretty challenging. You have to fight social media fatigue and with no doubt for perceptions that it is not as viable a platform as others. However, if you choose and follow a targeted and consistent approach to building your audience on Google+ be sure that it will pay tremendous dividends. Here are a few advice about becoming popular with Google + service today.

Add as many people to your circles as possible: As you know Google + and Twitter have similar idea in their foundations which means that you can follow people without requesting their permission. This is why it is very important to add as many people to your circle as you simply can because they will be notified that you have added them right that moment. This is a great option and idea to get their attention to your business and potentially build your Google+ following. Here as with any strategy you choose, targeting is the key factor. ICM Consulting experts advise you to always make sure that the people that you add are those who can benefit from having you in their circles. If they can easily see that benefit, they are very likely to add you to their circles.

Engage with the content of others: You need not only add people but also do something to reach this goal. This is why it is crucial to first of all engage with their content. You have two ways to do so: first, Google+ provides you with the ability to show approval for some person’s content by clicking the “+1” button. It is equal to Facebook “likes” or Twitter’s “favorite” buttons. Another way of engaging is to leave a comment at the end of someone’s content, this will be even more powerful – that is the second option.

Get active in communities: Google+ has lots of various communities for most interests and industries. Do not hesitate and join them! Here you will be able to communicate with a much smaller, but more targeted group which is looking to connect. You can pretty quickly grow your profile as a subject matter expert if start engaging this community members with your posts and relevant content.