10 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity in 2020

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity in 2020

Wednesday July 15, 2020,

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10 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity in 2020

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity in 2020

Boost your productivity with these extensions. Here I have listed 10 Best Chrome Extensions For productivity in 2020 to improve your work-life.

Everyone knows Google Chrome is one of the most powerful web browsers. According to Techcrunch and other popular websites, the chrome browser is about to hit 2 billion users. And its the best browser I have used on all platforms like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. But why this browser is so much popular, I think because of its compatibility and support to numerous chrome extensions.

And the features chrome browser provides are impressive.

Chrome Extensions are like apps installed on your which helps you in adding other functionalities for more productivity. These chrome extensions will help you with improving your productivity as well as making work and stay focused.

Let's see the list of the extensions...

Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity in 2020

So let's install and use these extensions one by one and make your work more creative and productive. And I am sure after reading this full post you will definitely end up installing one or more extensions hopefully on your chrome browser.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most helpful chrome extensions which saves your time by blocking ads on different platforms. And I can bet you nobody likes these annoying ads which ruin our web experience. So to block these you can use this impressive chrome extension and improve your experience.

2. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is another great extension for your chrome browser. Using this extension, you can stay more focused on your work without getting distracted. This chrome extension helps you in getting block all these time-wasting or the other entertainment websites like Youtube. And the best part is this app limits your time limit instead of simply blocking.

3. OneTab

Google chrome browser is good & powerful but the worst part of this browser is that it takes so much CPU load & memory. And here comes Onetab in play which converts all tabs opened in one single tab. In this way, all your tabs are opened in a single tab with a list and also save your RAM memory.


4. LastPass

As a tech-savvy or daily internet, we use lots of accounts and login to many websites. And the worst part is we can't remember all these passwords & we end up forgetting some passwords. And here LastPass comes into the role & manages all your password you enter which logging in any site. And it is one of the best & award-winning password manager.

5. Save to Pocket

If you love reading online SavetoPocket is a great choice for you. This chrome extension helps you in saving all your favorite webpages in one place so that you can also read them when offline. Basically it's for the blog readers and the best part is that it's also available on Android & iOs devices.

6. Grammarly

If you daily write some emails or some blogs or you are a content writer then this chrome extension is gonna help you a lot. Basically Grammarly is a tool or app which helps you autocorrect spelling mistakes, verb and other grammatical mistakes. Using this productive extension you can make your work more faster and easier.


7. Session buddy

If you are a person who uses the internet daily and browses lots of websites then this chrome extension will become your buddy. Session buddy helps you to save your browsing session when you got some work or in a hurry. Using this you easily save your browsing session and tabs which were opened at the time you were browsing.


8. Screencastify - Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify is another best chrome extension in screen recording work. If you love to watch webinars and watch on a daily basis then an extension is for you. Using this Chrome extension you can easily record your webinar with audio & can save them to your computer and watch them later.


9. Google Keep

Google Keep is another best chrome extension for improving productivity in 2020. Basically Google Keep is the advanced or modern version of Evernote web clipper. Using this extension you can easily save your images, URLs, text, webpage or any idea, you can keep it in Google keep. And the best part you can also make Notes for your daily important works.

10. Momentum - Chrome Extension

Momentum is a chrome extension that gives you a moment of calm and makes you more energetic & productive. Basically, it daily provides you inspirational quotes whenever you open up your browser tab. And also tells you about the weather, time, and things you should focus on today. And the Best part is that it also has a built-in to-do list creator for daily work.

That's it for now...

Feel free to share your feedback and also tell us if you know any other best chrome extension for productivity & works best in 2020.