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Picturesque Prague - Day 2

Picturesque Prague - Day 2

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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Still afresh from the scenic views from Charles Bridge and the medieval feel of the Old Town square we began our second day at a location which gave us a bird’s eye view of Prague.

Petrin Hill Tower


Petrin Tower famously known as a mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower is 60m tall. This tower sits on the summit of Petrin hill which is 318m high. Hence, the totality of the height of the tower is enormous. The magnanimous and awe-inspiring views that one gets to experience at the top of Petrin hill tower is breath taking. This is a must-go-to place when in Prague.


This tower is situated amidst beautiful gardens and there are other attractions like a mirror maze, an observatory and cafes around, which makes this place a nice picnic spot.

Mirror Maze

The hall of mirrors or the mirror maze is a rare attraction that one gets to experience on a holiday. It is a small labyrinth of mirrors housed in a mock medieval building, constructed in Gothic design. It is a small amusement maze full of mirrors of all varieties. There are reflective mirrors, concave and convex mirrors which makes you look different. This is a must try.

Prague Castle

Prague castle is the residential address of the President of Czech Republic. This castle is like a fairy-tale fortress situated above the Vltava river’s left bank. This ancient symbol of Czech state is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Within its walls lies a treasure of Czech’s architectural finesse. It is home to magnificent buildings, amazing churches, museums and galleries that vow for Czech Republic’s architectural and cultural importance.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this palace with an area of almost 70,000m² is the largest coherent castle complex in the world.

St. Vitus Cathedral


The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Vitus is the largest and most important church in Czech Republic. This church which is a prominent example of Gothic architecture is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. It is located within the Prague castle and contains the tombs of many kings and emperors. This church stands apart and can be spotted from anywhere in the city.

St. Nicholas Church


The Church of Saint Nicholas is a Baroque style church in the Lesser Town of Prague. The interior of St. Nicholas Church is decorated with many beautiful statues, amazing paintings and frescoes by leading artists. 

Prague is a beautiful city of churches, castles and medieval gothic architecture style buildings. A city fit for the walking shoes. So, grab your walking shoes and set sail to tour this city for your next holiday.

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