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Documents Needed To Expand Your Business Internationally

Most people don't know which are an important document to expand business internationally! Here are some documents required to expand the business internationally. People will Definitely get an IDEA.

“International expansion can help you diversify and find new opportunities in fast-growing markets”

The Indian market for almost everything is enormous, but it is not big enough for many entrepreneurs. For these business owners with a growth mindset, the rest of the world is their oyster. Looking for international growth by going global as an importer-exporter offers many opportunities.

The primary reason to be global, of course, is to improve its potential for expansion and growth. Moreover, there are too many international opportunities for businesses to catalogue them all here, or even in a much longer race than this one. The apparent opportunities are the markets in Europe and the USA. However, those only scratch the surface. There are many other fast-growing, and less competitive markets are available across the globe.

Just rotate the globe, and you can find the opportunity to sell something somewhere. Unearthing the right opportunity for you involves more business, of course.

Commercial documents attestation

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Articles of Association
  3. Incorporation Letter
  4. Board Resolution

Memorandum of Association

1. Memorandum of Association

A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a fundamental legal document forged during the process of forming and registering a company to define its relationship with shareholders. It houses the letter of the company that defines and limits the powers of a company for public information.

The MOA details the name of the company, the physical address of the registered office, the names of the shareholders and the distribution of shares. The MOA literally serves as the constitution of the company.

The certificate attestation of your Memorandum of Association (MOA) is mandatory to execute and accelerate your business. Certificate certification is a vital procedure that must be followed to prove and establish authenticity. The MOA statement starts from the Chamber of Commerce followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later by the destination country’s Embassy. Each applicant will have to face this strict and strident procedure to finally receive the Certification of their MOA Certificate. In addition, each country follows a discrete and distinct procedure for the certification of MOA. Once the certification procedure is completed, the authenticity of your documents is established.

Articles of Association

2. Articles of Association

The memorandum and articles of associations are often mistakenly considered as the same document.

The Memorandum of Association is a legal declaration signed by all the initial shareholders who agreed to form the company. The memorandum generally consists of a single sentence that states that each subscriber of the memorandum wishes to form a company decides to become a member of that company and take some shares. The shareholders are listed below.

The Articles of the Association describe the delegation of roles and responsibilities within the company and the rules on how the company will be executed as agreed by the shareholders, the directors and the company secretary. Depending on the complexity of the company, this document can consist of several pages to hundreds of pages.

To legalise Article of Association from the embassies, generally, the Embassy will insist that both documents be individually apostilled by the MEA and other govt departments.

Incorporation Certificate

3. Incorporation letter

If you plan to conduct business in another country, you must obtain an apostille/attestation of your incorporation letter. An Incorporation letter is a certified document issued by the state govt that shows that your company exists and has been trained in that State. You will need a copy of this document in to process it for further apostille or attestation. The govt will not accept black and white copies unless they are sent in digital format.

Board Resolution

4. Board Resolution

Resolution of the Board means a copy of a statement certified by the Secretary or a Deputy Secretary of the Company that has been duly adopted by the Board of Directors and that is in full force and effect on the date of said certification and delivered to the Trustee. When any provision of this agreement relates to measures taken to the Board of Resolution (including the establishment of any series of Securities and the forms and terms thereof), such action may be made by any committee of the Board of Directors of the authorised Company. To take such action by a Resolution of the Board, provided that a copy of the resolution of the committee and the resolution of the Board authorising the committee to take such action is provided.

Therefore, It is very important to authenticate the document of Board of Resolution from concerning authorities when one wishes to expand business internationally.

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