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Improving Your Personal Finances Slow and Steady

Tips how you can improve personal finance by useful tips and tricks

Improving Your Personal Finances Slow and Steady

Monday January 16, 2017,

3 min Read


If you do not have a single franc in your wallet, it is quite possible that you are not able to restrain yourself from spending, or that you are so tight in your finances that you cannot afford to have cash on you. It is also possible that you do not like to have cash and prefer to work with your cards only, which I understand, but one does not prevent the other, especially given these 2 points.

Having cash on oneself can be very practical in various situations, allowing you to seize opportunities that you would not otherwise have been able to grasp. Do not be the unpleasant person who never has cash to pay his/her own share and make simple contributions!

If you do not know what to invest in, it is highly likely that you do not know what you do not know. In other words, you did not read good books about it, did gather enough information, or asked enough questions to the right people. You are paralyzed by inaction, caught in your thoughts that go around in circles, instead of cutting this complex task into small bites that you can eat on a daily basis. Watch online experts on msnbc business channel lecturing on personal finance can help fix your money woes.

If you are not able to create sufficient revenue to be able to put money aside, it is very likely that you are not able to control your impulsivity and desire to have everything right away (instant gratification). Work to improve your cash flow now: optimize your expenses and increase your value to earn more money.

If you do not like what you see in the mirror of your personal finances, you are the only one responsible. The winners take matters into their own hands while the losers make excuses to justify their inaction.

One way to increase your finances in the long term is to invest in stocks. Stock market gain is often opportunistic. Good practice wants you to pick a stock that people give up, especially when it is for the wrong reasons.

I think we should not hesitate to invest when we see that the market is seeing a spike. As a capitalist, you must grab when the opportunity presents itself. Wells Fargo for instance, remains a strong bank and the arrival of Trump as president will help banking institutions in my opinion. This elected president will reduce the regulation of banks, which costs a real fortune. Also, the rise in future interest rates in the US is only good for banks.

Improving your personal finances or becoming rich is a slow and steady process. Stop dreaming of winning at the lottery or receiving a large sum in the future. Improving your personal financial situation in order to achieve financial independence, or at least being able to breathe again, is a daily activity, where every action taken in this direction will add up to bring you where you want to go.

The good news is this, it is only when we realize that we have to take charge of ourselves that our situation can begin to improve.

I wish you a gradual and constant improvement of your personal finances!