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An Engineer Grocer

How a grocer became an engineer and then again transforms from an engineer to grocer

An Engineer Grocer

Thursday September 15, 2016,

2 min Read

Hi, This is Rajesh Vishnani from Ahmedabad, India.

Recently found eKariyanu (http://www.ekariyanu.com)

My father is a grocer in Dehgam (A small town in Gandhinagar) since last 35 years, when i was 15 my father bought a shop for me and asked me to leave the studies and open a shop, i wasn't really interested in opening a shop and asked my father to study further, somehow i managed to finish my engineering with good grades, but in vacations i used to go to store. 

After graduation i did not want to do a job and wanted to start my own business as its in every Sindhi Blood. So we came with up with Cypher Incorporated (http://www.cypherincorporated.co.in) in 2010. We gained some good clients and projects and we survived somehow till date, but again on weekends i used to go to father's store and it was giving me a kick, i don't know what that was but i used to enjoy more on shop than at office. It makes me satisfied. Then i thought of merging my technical skills and my fathers 35 years of experience and came up with online grocery store named eKariyanu. We serve Ahmedabad at the moment. 

It is completely self funded at the moment, we do not have vendors for the supply, we buy in bulk from the markets and manage our own inventory at warehouses.

Here are some exciting features.

1. Free home delivery

2. Premium Quality Items, we never compromise with quality

3. Assured gifts

4. Bulk supply to hostels and PGs (Targeting Hotels Soon)

5. Kitchen Setup for new homes with kitchen appliances and groceries

6. For customer satisfaction, we provide samples of required items when they order for the first time, so that they can be sure about the product quality.

We target people who buys monthly groceries so we can avail best discounts.

Let me know if you have any query or additional input required form my side to publish this story.