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“How To” & “What Is” guide on Simultaneous Interpretation System

“How To” & “What Is” guide on Simultaneous Interpretation System

Thursday May 09, 2019,

4 min Read

Often it is seen that we are not able to crack very important business deals just because of the communication barrier or we are not able to interact properly with the global customers. Well, translators and the Google won’t help you always and also it’s not the real time and permanent solution for this problem.

Communication shouldn’t be a barrier ever, especially when it’s about your delegates / audiences / client or business meets. Today in this blog I am going to brief about the Simultaneous Interpretation Systems. What is it exactly, how it helps in removing the communication barrier and also how to implement it for your next event to enjoy and have a smooth and hassle free multilingual events or meets.

What Is Simultaneous Interpretation System?

Simultaneous Interpretation System is a combination of Simultaneous Interpreters and the Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment that together allows you to have a real time interpretation through any of your global gatherings or meetings.

Interpretation isn’t a new word in the market as earlier we were also having the consecutive interpretation but the added advantage about the simultaneous interpretation is the real time interpretation without affecting the flow of interpreters and allowing your delegates to listen to the speeches whatever is being said in the real time.

Also, these equipment's come up with the options of having multiple channels that allows your delegates to switch and listen to the interpretation simultaneously in whatever languages of their choices.

Simultaneous Interpretation equipment's are available in market with a wide option of renting it or purchasing it. Depending upon the needs and necessities you can contact the corresponding agencies for interpretation equipment's rental or you can go for purchasing these equipment's if you are a regular event organizer.

Also one of the major factors affecting your interpretation quality depends upon the quality of the interpreters. Interpreters are the persons who are having a rich and vast expertise on their native language as well as some other foreign languages. It’s not compulsory that the same interpreter can deliver the interpretation in different languages, so you need to take care of this thing very carefully and hire an experienced interpreter who is having a good proficiency of the needed languages.

There are several agencies that provide the complete solution to your interpretation needs ranging from setting up the quality simultaneous interpretation equipment's as well as providing the highly qualified and experienced interpreters.

All you need is to provide them the requirements i.e. how many languages you need for the interpretation, how many audiences you are expecting for your any such events, and also a brief idea about the venue where you are going to conduct your event. Beside this, it is also suggested to do a proper research before hiring any such vendors.


Undoubtedly interpretation has come out as a boom in the industry to remove the communication barrier. But simultaneous interpretation has its own added advantages over other interpretation system. Some of the key advantages are mentioned below.

·        Real time Interpretation: It allows for the real time interpretation i.e. there is no delay between the speaker speech and the interpretation time.

·        Multiple languages at same time: You can hold a conference with multiple languages interpretation available at the same venue and at the same time.

·        No noise distraction: The soundproof booth allows for a smooth experience for interpreters while listening to the speech and the quality headphones allows for a smoother experience for your delegates to listen to the interpreted speech.

·        Wide options available: A wide options of simultaneous interpretation system is available in the market depending upon your budget and availability.

·        Affordable price: Simultaneous interpretation systems are cheaper compared to others.

·        Ease of usability: It allows for an easy and smooth functioning during your global gathering or any such meets.

So, share your thought and views on the same and let me know if I missed out anywhere.