A Guide To Help You Through Pogo Game Issues

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A Guide To Help You Through Pogo Game Issues

Monday November 26, 2018,

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In order to run and function properly, Pogo games rely on factors like a computer system, software updates, browser version etc. So you may face certain issues while playing online Pogo games if you haven’t updated your system or the system isn’t working properly. So the game might not run, or run slow or crash midway.

You might face most of the challenges on a Wednesday, as that is when the new challenges are updated. Also, if the server traffic is too high and too many people are trying to play the game, it might not work. Today we are offering a guide that talks about solving most Pogo game issues. This can be helpful for users as well as game app development companies.

1. Checking your system & software

There is a compatibility scan tool of Pogo that helps you in scanning your computer, identifying any issues and providing you with quick solutions for any errors that are found in the scan. Run the scan to recheck the errors. If you still see errors after the scan, continue doing it.

2. Does the game use Flash or Java?

Here you need to check whether the game you are playing runs on Flash or Java. This can be done quite easily by inspecting and evaluating the list of Pogo games that run on Flash and Java.

In order to resolve issues for any game running on Java:

  • You must verify the Java version or update.
  • Check if Java is enabled for your browser.
  • Clearing Java cache. Restart the computer.
  • If the problem continues, clear the browser cache.

In order to resolve issues for any game running on Flash:

  • You must verify the Flash update or install it.
  • Check if it is enabled on your browser.
  • If the problem continues, uninstall and try installing it again.
  • Try adjusting Flash Player Storage.
  • Delete all the sites from Storage Setting Panel.

3. Unresolved issues

If the issues persist and you are unable to load or play a Pogo game try these things out first, before calling for support:

  • If the game is loaded, but you are unable to view the whole thing, try adjusting your resolution settings on your computer.
  • Windows 8 users might not be able to play certain Pogo games from Start Screen that is based on Java. Try using it on the Desktop Screen.
  • If you are using a proxy server, that might result into loading issues. So for this, you will have to configure the system.
  • There are also pop-up blockers that create the problem at times.


No matter how many bugs and issues there are in any app or mobile game, all of them have a solution. In this article, we have mentioned all the possible fixes for a Pogo game crashing or not starting. If you think there are issues with the browser but are not able to confirm. Install new browsers and check on them to confirm. Try out all the when you face the challenge of not being able to start a Pogo game. If nothing works, then try calling the Pogo Support for help.

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