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A Quick Guide To Migrate From Outlook To Thunderbird

A Quick Guide To Migrate From Outlook To Thunderbird

Friday May 24, 2019,

3 min Read

Most of the users wonder how to convert Outlook PST files to Thunderbird MBOX. Don’t worry as we have discussed a quick way to perform Outlook to Thunderbird Migration. The blog entails the details on the reasons why a user migrates from Outlook to Thunderbird and why is it essential to convert Outlook data to Thunderbird using a professional tool.

Why Does The User Need To Convert Outlook To Thunderbird Conversion?

There are various reasons why a user needs to convert Outlook to Thunderbird format. Below we have mentioned a few reasons:

●    Free Usage Of The Application

Thunderbird is a popular email application that is free of cost. The user can operate the application without burning a hole in their pocket. The user does not have to pay a single penny at any stage and this is one of the prime reasons why the users prefer to opt for it.

●    Compatible With Various Formats

Another reason why the users opt for Thunderbird is because it is compatible with various formats. It supports Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, whereas, Outlook is compatible with OS and Windows. If you operate UNIX and Linux, then Thunderbird is the right pick for you.

●    Specific Requirements


Some of the users have specific requirements and operates desktop-based email applications in their office and home. If the user wants to use their system’s mail on another, then they need to convert their Outlook data to Thunderbird.

Convert Outlook Files To Thunderbird Manually

Outlook files can be converted to Thunderbird by using two methods, that is, manual way and by using professional software to start the conversion process.

Convert Outlook Files To Thunderbird By Using The Manual Process

Export Outlook Data To Thunderbird Within A Single Machine

●    Click on ‘Windows’ and click on Start button > Default Programs > Set your default program.

●    Opt for the ‘Outlook’ option from the available options and click on ‘Set This Program’ as default.

●    Start the ‘Thunderbird’ application on your system and go to the ‘Tools’ options from the Menu and click on the ‘Import’ option.

●    Click on the ‘Radio Button’ and on ‘Next’.

●    From the available options click on ‘Outlook’ and click on the ‘Next’ button.

●    Click on the ‘Finish’ option.

Convert Outlook Files To Thunderbird By Using KDETools PST To MBOX Converter

The manual process is very time-consuming and complicated so it is advisable that you opt for KDETools Outlook to Thunderbird Converter. The software makes it convenient for users to convert their Outlook data to Thunderbird. If the user does not have the technical knowledge, then also they can convert the files in no time without facing any hindrance. The software enables the user to perform a 100 % conversion without losing any data.


In this blog, we have discussed the reasons why a user needs to convert their Outlook data to Thunderbird and why opting for the manual method is not the right decision. Ensure that you opt for a professional and reliable solution to make the conversion.