What is node.js? A List of Popular Websites Built on Node.js

What is node.js? A List of Popular Websites Built on Node.js

Wednesday December 26, 2018,

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Node.js is an open source, server-side cross-platform based on Google’s V8 engine. It is suitable for developing scalable network aplications faster. This is a JS enabled platform that can be run over different operating systems like Windows, Linux, or MAC etc. The platform has a rich library of JS modules to simplify the web apps development to a larger extent. This is an event-driven ightweight model perfectly suitable for data sensitive apps that operate across distributed devices.

Features of Node.js

Here is a quick list of node.js features that will clearly explain why this platform is the preferable choice for software architects.

  • Faster execution – The platform is based Google’s V8 JS engine that makes code execution really faster and accurate.   
  • Even-driven & asynchronous – The APIs of node.js JS libraries are asynchronous and non-blocking. It implies that servers based on node.js platform never wait for an API for data return. It will switch to the next API and helps server to get the response from the previous API.
  • Scalable & Single-Threaded – Node.js has a single threaded mechanism based on event looping that helps server to respond quickly and makes it highly scalable based on the requirements. Its working is much better when compared to traditional servers that generate a limited number of threads only.
  • Licensed and no buffering – Node.js is a licensed product that does not buffer any data and releases the outcomes in the form of chunks.

In the diagram given below, there are major components of the node.js platform is shown that works collectively to make this product a big HIT.

Node is maintained by a cloud service Company and extremely powerful tool used by popular websites online to take advantage of scalable network apps. More brands are planning to switch to node structure soon like Yahoo, PayPal, medium, and more. Further, in this article, we will discuss on popular websites built on the node.js open source platform.

1.   PayPal

PayPal is a US based Company whose users are available across worldwide and it offers a flexible payment schema. With the help of this website, you can quickly buy and pay online without any limits. The payment can be exchanged within your city or

outside country as well. In brief, this is a wonderful style to exchange foreign money without waiting too long. Today, almost every user especially business users have their PayPal accounts online.

You would be amazed to know that PayPal has moved their every product and service to nodes today. According to researchers, PayPal is not only a secure medium to exchange payments but extremely faster choice too. For developers, it helps to develop web apps quickly and bringing the vision to life in minutes. With the help of node.js structure, an excellent boost in performance and productivity was seen by the development team.

2.    LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site and a blogging platform. It was based on rails earlier and now moved to node.js once its benefits were realized by the team. The platform is helpful for the team to power its web apps and mobile servers. Here are few technical reasons why LinkedIn decide to opt for the node.js platform.

  • The code execution and performance levels are 20 times faster as compared to rails programming platform.
  • For rails, there are needed almost 30 servers, and node.js can work on 3 servers only.
  • For back-end and front-end programming, same libraries are needed.

3.    Yahoo!

Yahoo is a popular name and well known technical website that is utilizing node.js structure for years. You can see node implication for a number of web services and apps including yahoo answers or emails etc.

4.    Wall Street Journal Online

This is a popular American newspaper that usually focused on business and economic news. According to the owner of Wall Street journal, the Node structure has reinvented the way websites are generated. We are able to show critical functionalities within days day, not in weeks. This is a wonderful online newspaper where main headlines are covered in details from all around the USA and eople also trust this newspaper for its relevant content published online.


This is again a blogging platform where you can read the already published stories, write the new stories, and interact with story writers for the contents you are interested in. This blogging platform was discovered by the co-founder of Twitter in the year 2012 by Evan Williams. Today, it is popular similar to Joomla and WordPress where posting content is quite easier even for non-technical users. The website is popular to publish relevant content only that matters. As soon as, you will browse the website, you can see that content is published based on different categories and you can choose the best topic you liked the most.

6.    Groupon

This is one of the most amazing e-commerce platforms where you can find huge discount coupons and deals based on the node.js platform. It also offers discounted gift certificates that can be used with by the local or international Companies. With the help of Groupon deals, almost everything can be made in your budget online. The site was started in 2011 and today it earns billions due to right technology implementation and efforts.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed top websites that are built on the node.js platform. The more similar sites are Zendesk, Open Care, Klout, Brand Page, Secret, Geeklist, Shutterstock, Ancestry, Storify, LearnBoost etc.

In near future, more popular brands are planning to switch to node.js platform due to event-driven, non-blocking asynchronous features. The best part is that most critical functionalities can be implemented within days instead of weeks.

The brands that have already realized the benefits of the platform have switched to the node.js and others need to realize its benefits soon to give a new boost to their business, products, and services.