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Nomads of the Valley

This story is all about our journey. A journey  of hope, dream, dare to be the first student startup  of Assam Engineering College. This story is for all dreamers and doers and for all those college students sitting in the most remotest part of the country, that this is our time and we can rewrite history.

Saturday May 07, 2016,

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Long back,When I was a kid, I had a very high curiosity level just like any other kid. As we grow up our curiosity level decreases just because we start accepting things the way it is, without questioning why? I was a very bright student,scored 96.2% marks in my boards examination, but some how I just could not clear IIT-JEE, I just needed four more marks(one objective question) to get into IITs. When I came to Assam Engineering College, a question kept punching me everyday, I had sleepless nights, and the question was “who am I? and Why I was born?”. As I have seen my mother busy in saving gas cylinder, mustard oil and considering it as a success If she can use it for one extra day. So I had to figure out these questions soon or else I will have to be engaged in basic things, that a middle class does and would have been lost in the virtual life for seeking the smaller objective. I just knew one single fact at that time, that there are over one billion species present on this planet earth, and out of these only one species is human, (the most superior, the most advanced). The probability of being a human is 0.000000001.

By seeing the probability the desire of knowing one-self grew stronger. As I wanted to justify to almighty that you made me human, and see I returned it by doing such things and when I saw the outcomes that I might get when I graduate from this college, I was not satisfied as I knew that I can’t justify the objective by being an engineer, as it was not my passion as I don’t love machines.

So, I started searching for something in which I can justify my role of being a human and by trying in numerous things, I got something that I can rely on. I am a born leader, I can influence people ,I can change their lives, I can solve any real life problems. When I see people who are genius in Engineering, then this thought never came to my mind that I can be better than him but when I see people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy ,it comes from deep inside that one day I will be better entrepreneur then them.

After realizing my passion,I worked hard tried whatever I could. Right from "online Sabji.com" to Career Counselling, Skills training to N.G.Os, I tried everything and worked with many people (infact many C.E.Os). I got nothing no penny but what I got was life lessons, which helped us a lot in planning our journey ahead.Few of them are:

1) The market is very cruel,be prepared for that.

2) No one trust students, so be prepared for rejections ( infact unlimited rejections).

3) Many people thinks that entrepreneurship is a risk. Ask those fools to compare the uncertainity of their life with the risk of being an entrepreneur.

4) Never approach an investor, keep working. Believe me investors need us more than we need them.

5) Finally no idea is great, great is the team which makes any business idea successful. Never take feedback of your idea from any one except your customer.

 I am working for a single dream when I will be in my final year, I will be coming to my college to take placement. We are a team of four people working day and night to make northeast India self sustainable by bringing the best technological advancement here in northeast.For doing something different, I face difficulty every day every second, unparalleled pressure and I knew that everything costs. So, before choosing this track I thought my worst, that what worst can happen to me, I might be thrown out of college, my parents won’t be happy with me but who cares. It's my life and I was not satisfied with the way my life was accelerating so I decided to give a try,I may fail but I won't because If I fail then again it will take 55 years of courage for Assam Engineering College to produce an Entrepreneur.

At present we have launched our product momentshut.com in 8 preschools as a trial version. We are also working with many clients like Amtron, Construction companies, Skills institute and providing services like digital marketing, Cloud services, Analytics and we are generating 60k revenue monthly and the great thing is that we are going to hire our first employe in next few months. I am also an authorised speaker of MSME and IIE .

It's not a story of a billion dollar company. We are not yet but we will be. We are the best team any startup can have. This story is for all those college students who wants to do something different with their life. Friends this is the time. Just go out and give it a try. Either you win or lose that does not matter but you will learn and that's matter.

Thanks and Regards

Amit Singh