The baddest of bad day - Story of Sohil Jain

A lifelong techie has the broad range of experience and a passion for technology in business.We often refer to him as the perfect balancer between the geek in IT and the strategist in business management. The story of Steve Jobs of Chhattisgarh.

Vani Sirisha
3rd Feb 2017
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Yes, it was the day when I turned 17 and took one small website security project (the hacked website project) from digitalpoint.com so that I could buy a bike for the earned money as a birthday present.

Someone said that when you know nothing about tasks which got assigned to you, just accept them, quietly learn about them, and prove that you are the best at them!

*/------------- Here is the story ---------*/

I was browsing digitalpoint.com, found one alert thread asking for help with a hacked website, and randomly hit the response "I'm a security researcher and can clean and patch your site”. Luckily my response was the first one. The way I confidently wrote that I was a security researcher led to positive results .She was impressed with my words and assigned me the project for $230 (around INR12,000) with a deadline of 72 hours. I also got $100 in advance.

At the time I hadn't even heard about security patches and it was a really dangling target! For fear of getting suspended from the forum and refunding the $100 I started learning Linux & security patches, preventing sites from malware, etc. After 3 days I became 20% more skilled on the topic with the help of Google.I had no other option, but to start working on code and clean patched code with the help of online scanners like Securi, and finally cleaned almost 80% of the website, but all those actions took around 6 days, which was almost double of the time of the deadline. I missed the deadline and refunded the $100 as penalty .Overall I gained some good basic knowledge of website patches and interest in computer programming after this disaster, and that was the beginning of my startup career.

In the same year I started MNCHOST.com, a server and hosting company. I got around 11 orders of $3.50 in that year because of the poor quality of my website and being Indian. Indians get a lower global price. The best that I did for MNC HOST was support - 30-minute support response. I set a loud alarm so that when any tickets came, I could respond within 30 mins. The response time had to be maintained even when I was sleeping or eating. That work and reviews from those 11 orders would bring me clients like AVAST and the Bank of America in 2-3 years. :)

In 2008 I started TechNIERA Inc in the USA - the dream search engine project with search premium open-source software and scripts.

I also started working on Fiverr for $5. In 1 year I became level 2 seller with 99% positive rating and 100+ orders. Sounds good, doesn’t it? I got into one of the good colleges in India (NIT Raipur). As usually, I took B.tech computer science as a major. Because 10-hours attendance is compulsory at the NIT college I started working on my secret projects after college from 5PM to 4AM.

I had the max of 4-5 hours of sleep every day from the day I turned 17 and hence I called it the worst of bad days, but because of these opportunities I'm the owner of 5 major incorporations in the world .My aim was not to become a billionaire like Bill Gates, but to do something good for society by the digital means. Check out my recent post about the same in quora, which got 30k+ of views:


Some of my incorporations are

A. Jain Software: a renowned company in central India focusing on small businesses and retailers. The company provided any customized software per client requirement at $89 (INR4,999) and the same for websites. We are not cheap - we delivered quality from the way we designed modules for each software. I worked at Accenture, Amazon, and Google, but never thought of developing software for small businesses and retailers without lowering price for them while maintaining best coding practices .

The best part about Jain software is that we are flexible and can code your business requirement in 121+ programming languages/technologies. We called ourselves Logical Thinkers!


B. MNCHOST Inc.: Litespeed + SSD + 10Gbps port + lowest response time for any website. Does it sound good? MNCHOST servers are much better than any standard servers of normal websites and startups. We optimized the servers the best way anyone could do and that grabbed attention of users to use our cloud, dedicated servers.


C.HACKERSMIND Inc.: Cyber Security Agency working for security patches and penetration testing


D.karloshop: https://www.jain.software/about-karloshop

E. The projects for farmers: https://www.jain.software/about-anajshop/

I know I'm not the best entrepreneur, but I always tried my hardest to fight against my luck. Above are the results and I'm confident to make those companies the best in the world.

I recently got awards from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh for the works Jain Software for normal people through 

Some official Links from where you can get further info :

Official Website of Sohil Jain : https://sohiljain.com

Official Website of Jain Software Foundation : https://www.jain.software

This is the story of CEO of Jain Software Foundation Mr. Sohil Jain (https://sohiljain.com)

Bests ,

Media Cell

Jain Software Foundation

Got awarded from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh as

Got awarded from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh as

Got awarded from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh as "Best Innovative Software Company" - Jain Software Foundation

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