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The baddest of bad day - Story of Sohil Jain

A lifelong techie has the broad range of experience and a passion for technology in business.We often refer to him as the perfect balancer between the geek in IT and the strategist in business management. The story of Steve Jobs of Chhattisgarh.

The baddest of bad day - Story of Sohil Jain

Friday February 03, 2017,

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Yes, it was the day when he turned 17 (13th Aug 2007) and took one small website security project (the hacked website project) from digitalpoint.com so that Sohil could buy a bike for the earned money as a birthday present.

Someone said that when you know nothing about tasks that got assigned to you, just accept them, quietly learn about them, and prove that you are the best at them!

So ,here is the story of Sohil Jain

He was browsing digitalpoint.com, found one alert thread asking for help with a hacked website . He hits the thread with the response "I'm a security researcher and can clean and patch your site”. Luckily his response was the first one. The way he confidently wrote that he is a security researcher, led to positive results. She was impressed with his words and assigned me the project for $230 (around INR12,000) with a deadline of 72 hours. He does get $100 in advance as a part of the deal .

At the time he hadn't even heard about security patches, it was a really dangling target. From the fear of getting suspended from the forum and refunding the $100, Sohil started learning Linux & security patches, preventing sites from malware, etc. After 3 days of research work, he became 20% more skilled on the topic with the help of GURU Google. He had no other option, but to start working on code and clean patched code with the help of online scanners like Securi. He finally cleaned almost 80% of the website, but all those actions took around 6 days, which was almost double the time of the deadline.

Conclusion ? He missed the deadline and refunded the $100 as a penalty. Overall Sohil gained some good basic knowledge of website patches and interest in computer programming after that catastrophic, and that was the beginning of his so-called #GOLDEN startup career.

In the same year, Sohil Jain started MNCHOST.com, a server, and hosting company. He got around 11 orders of $3.50 in that year because of the low quality of his server website which themed as Indian. Indians get a lower global price. The best that he did for MNC HOST is the support system . He was able to maintain max 30-minute support response for every client signed up on his server website. For accomplishing commitments of max 30 mins support response time, He set a loud alarm so that when any ticket comes, he responds within 30 mins. The support response time had to be maintained even when he was sleeping or eating as it was commitment in writing - The core feature of his first MNC company. That worked !!. The unbiased reviews from those 11 orders brought him 1000+ clients including renowned clients like AVAST and the Bank of America in 2-3 years. :)

In 2008 he started TechNIERA Inc in the USA - the dream search engine project having a neutral and unbiased search algorithm to search premium open-source software and scripts in the one-click rather than paid software references as in Google.

He also started working on Fiverr for $5. In 1 year he became level 2 seller with 99% positive rating and 1000+ orders. Isn't sounds better? Well, the real twist of Sohil's Life started from here. He got into one of the good colleges of India (NIT Raipur). As we all can assume, he took B.tech computer science as a major stream.

Because 10-hours attendance is compulsory at the NIT college I started working on my secret projects after college from 5 PM to 4 AM.

Because of these challenges and finding opportunities on the same challenges, he is the owner of 11 major incorporations in the world. His aim was not to become a billionaire like Bill Gates but to do something good for society by digital transformation means.

Check out his recent post about the same in quora, which got 30k+ of views:


Some of my incorporations are

Jain Software Developers is Central India’s fastest growing IT firm, started with the mission of revolutionizing IT industry in India. Jain Software aims to digitize each and every business in India and harness the power of IT to the maximum potential.

JSD takes immense pride in specializing in multi-layered programming using different languages and technologies. Also, JSD is the first firm to set up a 5 tier cloud server in Raipur, India.

Jain Software Developers is one of the nine companies under Jain Software Foundation. JSF is transforming different industries using the power of IT, from software development to web hosting and digitizing grain stores, etc.

For the past couple of years, JSF has been growing at a very fast rate and currently has more than 100 members in its logical family. JSF is famous for employing people that are logical, it is one of the few companies that put logic over fancy degrees. Anyone with a logical mindset and a zeal to learn is more than welcome at JSF, the organization will not only provide a great learning opportunity and a thriving career but will also ensure that the challenges make one up to date with the industry standards.

Jain Software Foundation has the following companies under its umbrella:

1.Jain Software Developers - An IT based firm working in the business of Software, application and website development. JSD houses the smartest talent in the state of Chhattisgarh, with more than 1400 happy customers, JSD is growing at a rapid rate and is rated as one of the best IT firms in central India.

2. MNC HOST - The second venture of JSF works in the field of website hosting, servers, and other hosting related services. MNC host’s main focus is on providing efficient and affordable hosting services to small companies. The company works in conjugation with JSD and follows a simple philosophy of providing the best services to small companies as they understand the challenges of humble beginnings and starting a business from scratch.

3. Guru - Guru®” is the future, a platform where students groom, the solution to all of their problems, a guide to time management. Guru believes in the importance of one to one education and aims at creating an educationally conducive environment for students. Guru not only provides quality education to students but also provide teachers a flexible working opportunity, thus playing a great role in job creation. Other than conventional educational classes, Guru focuses on other aspects of learning like Yoga, Music, Spoken English, cooking and numerous domains.

4. Hackersmind - HACKERSMIND is the Information Security Consulting Firm Specializing in Cyber Security & Compliance Audits, IT Security Risk Management, Security Patches Penetration Testing Services, and Executive, Employee & Family Information Security Training. Hackersmind focuses on the following:

  1. Ethical hacking Research to protect sensitive National/International data
  2. Research programming to build optimized-algorithm of current running national projects
  3. Securing software and website against most common attacks
  4. Bring Revolution in the era of cybersecurity and programming
  5. Promotes Open Source & stops pirated software equipped with malware & trojans
  6. Supporting social causes like Cyber Crime Awareness

5. Techniera Inc. - TechNIERA Incorporation is World’s First Open Source Search Engine developing with the innovative idea of enhancing web client experience to know and use Open Source. TechNIERA Incorporation is a registered Non-profit organization under United States jurisdiction.TechNIERA never sold any service or product via any mean and intended to provide all services free of cost to all users.

6. Jain Dental Hospital - Jain Dental Hospital founded by Dr. Arvind Jain (M.D.S, B.D.S) & Mr. Sohil Jain (#Entrepreneur #LogicalThinker #Programmer .Sohil Jain's Official Site) are currently leading by 30+ Dentists (both M.D.S & B.D.S) of various domains in Dental Domain & Management. Jain Dental Hospital is a Central India’s Dental Clinic, in state of Chhattisgarh that provides a full range of General Dental, Dental, Orthodontic and Cosmetic services, utilizing aesthetic dentistry techniques and modern techniques for tooth replacement.

7. Karlo Shop (The E-Commerce Shop)- Karloshop is a small Initiative by Jain Software Foundation. It is a small step for us but a giant leap for the small merchant of Raipur. Without spending a penny they can sell their products online. Karloshop team will help every local merchant to upload their products and get registered to Karloshop. They will be able to sell a large variety of products on Karloshop independently without any intervention.

8. Anaj Shop - http://Anajshop.com is online grain shopping platform where one can purchase any premium quality grains like rice, wheat, etc. at a cheaper price without interacting with third parties. Anaj shop aims at upliftment of the farmers’ community by using this portal to directly connect the provider to the consumer.

9. Legal Sorted - LegalSorted is complete 360 degree online legal services provider on a single tap. Legal sorted provides services like:

  • Income Tax Consulting
  • trademark Registration
  • Legal Consulting
  • Company Law Consulting
  • CST Registration

He knows he is not the best entrepreneur, but he always tried my hardest to fight against his luck. Above are the results and his confidence to make those companies the best in the world.

He recently got awards from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh for the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in Chhattisgarh.

Some official Links from where you can get further info :

Official Website of Sohil Jain: https://sohiljain.com

Official Website of Jain Software Foundation: https://www.jain.software

This is the story of CEO of Jain Software Foundation Mr. Sohil Jain (https://sohiljain.com)


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Got awarded from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh as
Got awarded from Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh as