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Food Start-up that Came Forward in Support of Ban on Black Money

It does not take a huge investment for small contribution towards good governance, strong initiatives and positive change.  This small start-up in Delhi proves the same

Tuesday November 22, 2016,

2 min Read

When they saw common man hungry and struggling in long queues at banks, folks at this food start-up came forward and started distributing complimentary rolls to various long Bank queues in their area i.e. Dwarka.

KooKaa, a food start-up located in Sector 6, Dwarka, New Delhi that sells Paratha Rolls and Sandwiches on a Typical Day to earn money, on this occasion came forward to strengthen the patience of people waiting for their turn in long queues in front of banks in Dwarka.

KooKaa distributed 100 Complimentary Paratha Rolls every day for 4 days in various ATM and Bank Lines. The exercise was to ensure that common people waiting for hours in long queues get some bit of replenishment of energy which may keep them more calm and composed.

Is this just about 100 complimentary rolls, social contribution or self-promotion?

We feel that even if it’s about promotion, if each business entity tries to promote itself by helping fellow Indians in support of a huge good cause, their will be less Chaos, More Patience and Much more Power against Black Money.

By the way, KooKaa calls this exercise: ‘Line mein REFULLING’ – Stay Strong

KooKaa is a Food Start-up founded in early 2015. KooKaa having served approx.4,500 customers and completed 3,500 home deliveries, commands a strong customer rating at various platforms and is known for its 'Branded Comfort Food' positioning.