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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

My Story as an intern...!!

Being a technical graduate internship was my first exposure to corporate  world and this is my experience and journey, i am sharing with you all 

Thursday June 23, 2016,

4 min Read

1.Reasons behind going for an internship 

For an IT student, an Internship is first hand to hand experience with the corporate industry and atmosphere he is destined to work in, for the rest of his life, being a computer science student, as internship being a mandatory part, for the completion of degree, I decided to go for it

2.My first opportunity as an intern 

My first opportunity as an intern was with Erudite Software and Learning Solution and I worked on their product which is a wedding planning app wedamor and I would say I was lucky enough to be an important part of the team for full development cycle, from a few months back when we started from the scratch, till now when we are ready to launch in a couple of weeks.

3.How I got this opportunity ?

As a CSE dual degree student, industrial training was mandatory for us in the last semester of the college and like all other batchmates, I also applied at a lot of places through online job portals like letsintern, internshala, etc , for internship and was shortlisted and got calls for interviews from 6-7 companies.

I applied with a pre mindset to initially work in a startup because they provide a lot of opportunities to enhance your skills ,exposure and work environment is chilled out, and as the cycle of interviews began I cracked 3 of them and had three internship offers in my hand and one of them was with erudite, I had no idea and was in dilemma, which one should I chose.

                       4.The experience of the interview

During my interview at erudite which was taken by the CEO of the company Mr. Abhay Negi, an alumni of IIT-D and IIM-Indore. I was questioned , majorly about my projects and especially the research project I took during my B.Tech major as the internship was basically a research based work.

It was more sort of a discussion about my projects and the job role I was supposed to carry forward in the company

5.Reasons for joining Erudite 

I was moved by the vision of Negi Sir and the discussion I had with him gave me an insight that I share something in common with him and that was the vision and shear passion for succeeding as an entrepreneur and bringing a change in society worth a remembrance aAnd eventually I decided to join Erudite, and that was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life ,

6.First Day at work ?

On day one I had a meeting cum orientation session with the members of the team and was briefed on the work and technologies they have been working on, and I was assigned to the research work for a recommendation system they needed in the backend for their wedding planning android application, Wedamor.

7.Nature of the work and experience

I along with two other interns from DCE used to read research papers and article on portals,forums, websites and figure out problems and technically and practically feasible solutions for the modules we were assigned, and draw inferences with reasons which was a challenging and new task, but is was much needed to satisfy my hunger to learn and read about new technical things and we eventually worked on an algorithm for the social platform integration, apart from this I also got a lot of experience about the functioning of a startup, and business development , technical architecture and almost all the possible sides of a business planning and intelligent execution practices, and it was really fun learning under the mentorship of so much learned people and equally chilled out colleagues.

8.Future perspective and hopes 

Right now we are working hard to meet the deadlines for the launching of wedamor with a hope that wedamor will be a bliss in everyone's life because that’s what our effort has been all about.

9.Message to the readers

To be frank its true startup provide a uncertain and volatile atmosphere but at the same time they also offer a lot of real life experience and full opportunity to harness your skill and exponential growth potential, if you want to learn, go for a startup because everything else is important but as long you are a student you should be concern about just one thing and that’s you should learn and grow and in my personal view startups are the best classrooms offering the best learning opportunityReason behind going for an internship .

 All the best to all of you for your future ventures :)

- Abhay Deep Singh