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Hacks to get more productive in your office space

Hacks to get more productive in your office space

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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Whether you work at home or the office, it is important to maintain a clean environment to ensure maximum productivity. Can you imagine getting any work done in a cluttered environment? It is one of the reasons going to work can be stressful. Many occupations can lead to unhealthy habits caused by stress and lack of discipline at the workspace. Organizing your workspace not only enhances your physical and mental health but also makes you more focused. Here are a few useful tips that can help you give your office space a complete makeover.

Declutter Your Desk

When your mind is cluttered, you can’t concentrate. Similarly, when your desk is messy and unorganized, it’s possible that you will barely get any work done. Put away all unnecessary things in your locker and keep minimal things on your desk. Apart from your desktop and a few essentials like a pen stand, a notebook, and a plant, remove the extras. You may be too exhausted to be bothered about clearing those books and sheets from your recent projects, but only when you clear out the previous project’s work from your desk can you move on to the next one. Another essential rule is to avoid eating at your work desk as that creates a mess and may promote bad eating habits. Keep a picture or a plant on your desk so that it does not seem monotonous or dull. They say that decorating your desk with a few essentials can create a feeling of comfort, which can, in turn, reduce stress and dissatisfaction.

Bring Some Nature To Work

A closed work space in a corporate setting may be the ideal place to get work done. But too many people in the room and a closed space with air conditioning and no ventilation can cause a feeling of suffocation and stress. Bringing nature into your office not only creates an inspiring setting but also inculcates a sense of wellness in your mind and body. Plants are considered to be great from a psychological perspective as they promote healthy breathing, keep the mind relaxed, and may even improve the air quality in your office. It would be a good idea to keep a small potted plant on your desk. The mild fragrance can relax you and help you concentrate better on work.

Moderate Exercise

Despite the loads of work you need to submit, it's not recommended to sit stuck to your screen. Sitting for too long at your desk is unhealthy and affects your productivity. If you are feeling drowsy or tired but still need to get work done, coffee is not the answer. Walk around or do a few stretching exercises to keep your body and mind active. Work is important, no doubt, but so is taking breaks at regular intervals. Taking a breather works wonders in keeping your mind alert. You can also squeeze in a mini workout during your lunch break. Who says you can’t exercise without equipment? You can just do chair yoga or standing push-ups, or just use anything around the office that can help you work out.

Decorate To Set The Mood Right

Now that you have de-cluttered your table, it’s also important to add in elements of interest that can keep you happy and comfortable at work. Decorating your desk with some of your favorite things is one way. Another way is to bring an essence around your space that will make you love your workspace. It should be a place where you want to be. Adjust the lighting to suit you best – going too dim can harm your eyes, and too bright can make you tire soon. Keep a subtle room freshener or aromatic potpourri at your desk so that it always smells good. Avoid any harsh scents that might cause irritation or allergic reactions. The right scent can improve your work. For instance, the smell of citrus can lift your mood and even improve your thinking and memory capacity. It’s your space, make it a place you want to stick around.

Create Personal Assistants

Okay, let's just admit it – we all need some help remembering what to do. One way to do yourself a favor is to put a few post-it notes on your desk to note down a couple of important points or as reminders. This way, you will not miss out on any important submission or assignment deadlines. How about a calendar that can keep track of which day of the month it is and when something is due? A small whiteboard is also a great tool for your desk. If not notebooks and posters, you can always note down a few important tasks to be completed and your short-term goals and just put it up on your desktop. Now, if this is not a wonderful way to assist your work, what is?

The Ideal Posture For Work

Okay! Now that everything else is set right, none of the others will matter unless you pay attention to your posture. Sitting all day is not healthy, as we already discussed above. But that also means that for the time that you are seated, you should maintain a good posture. Slouching and slumping over your desk can make you feel lethargic and tired, which will, in turn, affect your productivity. It is best to sit up straight as it tends to give a sense of accomplishment and is also good for your health. Just imagine the impression it would give to your co-workers if they see you slouching, almost falling off your desk. It will make you appear uninterested and dull. So, always be cautious of how you present yourself at work. It not only affects how your co-workers look at you but also how you get your work done.

It’s about time we all stop complaining about work and work on how to make it better. By trying out these hacks, you will not only get more productive at work, but your mood will also get boosted. You will start enjoying going to work, and it will also keep you healthy, mentally and physically. So, the next time you don’t feel right about going to work, you know what to do.