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Which is the best digital marketing channel for your business?

This article shares details about 3 majorly used and effective digital marketing services and which channel is best fit for your business.

Which is the best digital marketing channel for your business?

Saturday March 17, 2018,

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Gone are the days of generating leads through traditional marketing tactics such as cold calling, email blasting, news in the local papers and distributing pamphlets. This is the DIGITAL ERA. People look for information online on various news and article websites. 


They search on search engines to find the product and service. They engage with their favourite brands and other businesses on social networking channels. People like to get nurtured by their vendors online. To capture these audiences, your business has to go online to the expert digital marketing channels.

To reach your prospective consumers, you need to be active on different channels of digital media. There three different expert digital marketing services that capture all of these channels as below:

SEO Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Paid Advertising

Investing in all three digital marketing channels will help you achieve 5x times more success than investing in any one of these. However, we can’t overlook budget aspects. It can be possible you have a specific budget for anyone digital marketing services and you need to choose any one of it. This article will share brief of each of these three major digital marketing services and who can get the maximum benefit of it. You will get a hint of using the best channel for online marketing of your business:

SEO Service

This expert digital marketing service starts with the website optimization. The process of website optimization touches different on page factors to make a website search engine friendly so it can be easily crawled and indexed as well as to make it user-friendly so consumers can navigate through website easily and can generate leads. Furthermore, the best SEO services help in increasing your online presence on different websites and boosting organic ranks of your targeted keywords which might be used by prospective customers to find your services and solutions. This is the great channel to increase referral, organic and direct traffic. This type of services is great for anyone and should be used by all businesses. The only thing is it takes some time to reflect expected results.

Social Media Marketing Service

It starts with creating the optimized business profile and pages on social media. If you already have the social pages, then the SMM specialist will perform Social Media Optimization (SMO) to optimize it. It then continues with following activities on all or selected social networking sites:

• Regular posting on the social pages

• Responding to comments and messages

• Engaging with online followers and Fans

• And increasing brand presence on social channels.

This digital marketing service is the best for the users that sell B2C items such as grocery, accessories, Plumbing services, etc. Generally, direct consumers spend a lot of time on social platforms and can get converted into leads fast. There are channels for a B2C business as well, such as LinkedIn. The B2C buyers use social platforms to research about a company before placing an order.

Paid Advertising

It can be performed by search and social channels. This helps in ranking for those keywords which are too competitive and taking time to catch. Furthermore, it can help in boosting posts of social profiles to reach the audience, which is not in reach by your 1st and 2nd network. The paid advertising is also good to target precise audience. It means an audience segment with predefined characteristics. This is best for those businesses which have specific a buyer persona as well as who want to generate leads faster.

These are the top 3 channels and you may use any one of it based on your preference. The digital marketing experts recommend using all three digital marketing services to get the best returns and revenues.